White Castle Has A Lot In Store For National Hamburger Month

For some people, that Crave Case is more than just a meal shared with friends. As the first fast-food hamburger chain, White Castle and its iconic menu items have ingrained themselves into food history. From being named the most influential burger of all time to creating flavor innovations that entice guests to make a special visit, the power of the crave is real.

As the brand that started National Hamburger Month in 1992, White Castle is celebrating throughout May with food deals that will satisfy any hunger. According to an April 27 press release, the deals include a free slider on May 15, National Slider Day, Instacart discounts on May 15, free dessert with purchase over Mother's Day weekend, and $25 gift cards reduced to $19.21, representing the year White Castle was founded. In addition, Craver Nation members can receive 20% off mobile orders throughout May.

Although quick-service restaurants often capitalize on national food days, holidays, and other special promotions, the concept has been part of White Castle's business plan for decades. As the first fast-food restaurant to run a coupon campaign, offering value to build loyalty is the foundation of its business. May might be about celebrating moms, watching flowers bloom, and preparing for summer. But for White Castle and its Craver Nation, it's about saving on those iconic sliders.

Why is Crave Nation vital to White Castle's success?

The quick-service restaurant space can feel crowded. While one brand might have a special sauce and another is "made to crave," the reality is that all drive-thrus are not the same. Even though some people might choose by value, new menu item, or the pleasure of eating a chicken sandwich, many guests are brand loyal. For White Castle, celebrating that Crave Nation is vital to its continued success.

In 2001, White Castle launched its Cravers Hall of Fame. The annual set of inductees celebrate well-known and regular people who epitomize the "magnitude of crave." From White Castle Valentine's Day celebrations to deeply rooted food connections, these people never waver from their devotion. While these ultimate Cravers include some famous faces, including Kal Penn, Alice Cooper, and even Stan Lee, the majority of members are regular people. It's the stories they share that endear them not only to other fans but also to White Castle itself. 

Given that Billy Ingram's concept is still drawing people to drive distances for that original slider, that brand loyalty is vital to the company's long-term success. As another Cravers Hall of Fame class is announced during National Hamburger Month, the next chapter in this food story is about to be told.