A Dutch Chip Company Has Created A Solution For Those Pesky Bag Crumbs

Potato chip producers are nothing if not problem-solvers. One brand developed a solution for chip-eaters with big hands, and Frito-Lay-owned Tostitos developed a bag that doubled as a breathalyzer. And even though you might find the seemingly excessive amount of air in a chip bag annoying and disappointing, it serves the important purpose of keeping your chips from being crushed in transit.

So, following in the footsteps of a long line of solution-finders, Netherlands-based Hoeksche Chips has introduced an innovative new bag for the salty snack that eliminates one of the biggest obstacles in the chip-eating experience. With just one simple packaging upgrade, the Dutch brand has created a quick fix that enables snackers to easily access all of that delightful chip dust in the bottom of the bag.

Instead of just reaching down through the top of the bag, scraping blindly at the bottom, chip-eaters can simply twist off the bottom left corner and pour that potato chip goodness right in their gullet.

Hoeksche's Flavor Saver technology

While Hoeksche's creative Flavor Saver technology is intended to ease the simple snacking woe of digging for the last bit of chips and flavored powder, it could also help cooks in the kitchen. There are tons of ways to use potato chips when cooking, from topping mac and cheese or creating breading for chicken to making cookies. Using Hoeksche's new method, creative cooks using chips in their dishes can quickly crush the chips in the bag and evenly distribute them (like a baker might use a piping bag).

The brand's breakthrough bag is currently being used for the salt and balsamic vinegar flavored chips, though they do produce a number of other flavors including truffle, sweet chili, and sour cream. Finding the chips might require some travel, though, since they appear to only be available in specialty stores in the Netherlands. Take that as inspiration to plan a trip — just don't take a page from the playbook of the guy who got caught using a potato chip bag to skip work.