The Genius Potato Chip Hack Chefs Swear By For Breaded Chicken

People have been breading chicken longer than they've been asking why it crossed the road. Breaded chicken shows up in kitchens and on tables everywhere in its many different forms. It gives fried chicken that extra crunch and adds crispiness to your chicken parmesan. Additionally, it's great on its own: think about how tasty a perfectly cooked chicken finger is, even when you indulge as an adult. Juicy, tender chicken that is balanced with the crunch of a good crust is the definition of delicious.

However, for as many uses as there are for breaded chicken, there's a larger variety of ways to bread it. The cardboard box of breadcrumbs is usually the first go-to for many, but there are other options. From cornflakes to beer batter, it can be daunting to have to choose what you are going to use for a coating. What if we told you there's something better than breadcrumbs to try for the absolute crunchiest chicken you'll ever eat?

Potato chips are the answer for a crispy crust

There are old standbys for breading, like flour or basic breadcrumbs. Sometimes, though, chicken deserves something a little extra — that's where the potato chips come in. Potato chips are the epitome of crunch, and that crunchy goodness is a perfect match for chicken. Don't just take our word for it — this is a tip that is very much chef-approved.

Paul Reilly, chef-owner of Apple Blossom in Denver, Colorado, recently told People about this trick. "Take the shards that are in the bottom of a bag of chips, and puree them in a food processor," Reilly told the publication. "Use the mixture as a coating for fish and chicken, and as a replacement for bread crumbs." If you have extra chip crumbs lying around, this is a great way to use them, and you don't need to wait for the bottom of the bag, either. Feel free to buy chips just for breading and crush them up the same way.

You can get creative with your crunch

This potato chip trick is one that keeps on giving, as it opens up a whole range of options for you — plain potato chips will certainly give you a classic crunch, but why not get even more creative and try some different varieties of chips? Maybe salt & vinegar chicken fingers one night. Bust out the sour cream and onion chips for some upgraded chicken cutlets on your next sandwich.

Think beyond the potato chip and try some other salty crunchy snack foods. Doritos or corn chips can give your chicken that extra crispiness and a pop of flavor. Cool Ranch chicken nuggets might be the next big hit at your dinner table. If you're looking for something more traditional, try crushing pretzels in the food processor for a different type of crunch. The only limits here are your own chip preferences, but with so many to choose from, there's something for everyone.