Are Your Hands Too Big To Fit In A Chip Bag? McCoy's Has You Covered

Finally, there's a chip bag that doesn't get your hands greasy, and is geared toward men with big hands.

McCoy has introduced a new line of "uniquely manly man chips," according to Design Taxi. While designing the product the company kept , the size of a man's hands in mind, giving the new bag a wider opening.

Other potato chip bags are longer and have a smallish opening. The chips aren't filled all the way to the top, so when we dig for them our hands touch the insides of the bag, making them greasy. 

This is a first time a chip company has marketed the product towards a specific gender. Don't both males and females enjoy chips? What about women with long nails or small hands, any options for them?

Even the design of the bag was designed to be manlier. Earlier, it was a shiny shade of brown with gold, black, and white lettering. Now it is a matte brown with only sparse black lettering.

To top it all off, the bag is advertised with two beers and some darts. Manly enough for you?