Some Publix Stores Have A Craft Beer Bar (But Only In One State)

Most grocery stores these days offer a wide selection of alcoholic beverages, much to the delight of shoppers. Whether preparing for a dinner party or simply stocking up for a raucous weekend away from work, being able to snag some beer and wine while shopping for other groceries is the height of modern convenience. Some chains, like Trader Joe's and Costco, even offer their own private-label alcohol brands that provide quality and affordability in one lip-smacking bottle.

Never to be outdone, Publix also offers a great assortment of alcoholic beverages to shoppers throughout its many locations. However, the beloved southern supermarket chain decided to take the experience one step further by adding a new service for customers to enjoy. Along with buying alcohol at the stores, shoppers can now enjoy a potent beverage as they shop in select locations throughout Florida. What better way to de-stress while grocery shopping than to enjoy a glass of your favorite wine or beer as you go?

Grocery shopping in Florida just got a lot more fun

Publix launched bar service at certain stores last year in an effort to better serve customers looking for a bit of adult refreshment. Pours at Publix is available at locations throughout Florida, including stores within Orlando and Naples. The so-called "Sip 'n' Shop" phenomenon has taken America by storm, with many establishments providing a café area for shoppers to sample alcoholic beverages before they actually purchase them.

Like these establishments, select Publix locations feature bars where customers can enjoy their drinks. However, the chain also allows shoppers to take their drinks with them as they shop for a truly indulgent experience. Shoppers can enjoy a pint of their favorite brew or order a beer flight to determine a new favorite among many delicious craft beers. Of course, customers lucky enough to live near a Pours at Publix location can expect a whole lot more from their shopping excursions.

What can you expect from Publix Pours?

There's no denying that the wine and craft beer selection are the real stars of Publix Pours. However, that's not the only thing customers can look forward to while visiting the chain. In addition to alcohol, Publix Pours also provides an assortment of caffeinated drinks that would make even the fanciest coffee shop proud. Along with carefully crafted cappuccinos and other beverages, shoppers can get a refreshing pick-me-up on hot days in the form of nitro cold brew.

Even health-conscious shoppers can find something absolutely perfect at Publix Pours. Customers can enjoy fresh kombucha, which is a type of fermented tea said to offer health benefits like efficient digestion and a strengthened immune system (via Mayo Clinic). Publix customers can also enjoy other healthy selections, like smoothies, featuring wholesome ingredients such as granola and strawberries, or they can order an açai bowl. Similar to smoothies, açai bowls contain a variety of tasty yet healthy ingredients. The base for the preparation is acai palm fruit, which is thoroughly blended to achieve the perfect smooth texture. These selections illustrate why Publix remains a beloved establishment among its many devoted customers.