The TikTok Hack That'll Finally Eliminate Odors In Reusable Snack Bags

It's no secret that plastic is harmful to the environment. From plastic bottles to plastic straws, the ocean is riddled with plastic thanks to plastic pollution. After all, Americans use and discard 14 billion plastic bags annually, according to data from Waste Management. In fact, one common plastic bag that is probably in many people's pantries is the single-use plastic food storage bag.

If you are trying to reduce your plastic consumption, you may want to turn to reusable silicone food storage bags. The reusable silicone bags are durable and long-lasting. Bags made from platinum silicone, for example, can also withstand heat. Silicone bags are prone to stains and odor, especially if they are regularly used. However, sometimes, simply washing the bags won't get rid of the smell. Luckily, the reusable silicone bag brand, Stasher, has shared a viral tip on social media to get cleaner reusable bags by simply using your oven.

Bake your reusable snack bags in the oven

Next time you have a smelly reusable food-storage bag, there's no need to throw it out, thanks to Stasher's viral hack. The video uploaded on TikTok by the brand has been played over 13,000 times and has received about 51,700 likes. In the clip, several reusable silicone bags are seen being placed on a metal sheet pan. The pan is then slid into the oven. After baking them for eight minutes at 375 degrees Fahrenheit, Stasher claimed the reusable snack bags were odor-free. Got extra smelly bags? Before putting them in the oven, make sure to soak the bags in a half-water and half-vinegar mixture for a couple of hours.

However, Stasher warns against trying this hack with reusable storage bags from other brands. In the comments, the brand noted this hack should only be used for its reusable bags because the material is especially made to resist heat. Nonetheless, fellow TikTok users were overwhelmingly shocked by the hack. In fact, one user shared a tip of their own if you're worried about the bags melting, "[T]ry putting them in the freezer overnight."

Other ways to keep reusable food-storage bags clean

If you own silicone reusable bags from different brands, there are other ways to ensure your bags are clean. When using reusable snack bags, stains are pretty much common. However, to avoid stains, The Washington Post's food writer and recipe developer, Aaron Hutcherson, recommends storing food in like-color bags. "[P]asta sauce in red bags and blueberries in ... well ... blue ones," he shared. 

On the other hand, the sun is also a natural way to remove stains when using reusable silicone bags. For example, setting a Stasher bag in direct sunlight for a few hours can naturally bleach the stains away. After every use, you can hand wash the reusable bag by flipping it inside out and rinsing it with water and soap. If hand washing is not enough, throw the bag into the dishwasher — but double-check to make sure your bag can be washed in the dishwasher. If you are putting reusable snack bags in the dishwasher though, don't flip them inside out as the seal can be damaged during the washing process.