How To Score A Batch Of Texas Roadhouse Rolls And Butter, Fresh Or Frozen

When most people think of Texas Roadhouse, the first thing that might come to mind is the chain's wide selection of juicy steaks. This steakhouse has just about every cut a person might desire, from massive bone-in ribeyes to something humorously referred to as "Road Kill," which is a chopped steak slathered in cheese and sauteed onions and mushrooms.

Of course, no steakhouse experience would be complete without appetizers. This chain is notable for its Cactus Blossom, a fried onion app that comes with spicy cajun-style dipping sauce. People can also kick start their meals with tasty selections, like grilled shrimp, boneless wings, and tater skins topped with bacon and cheddar cheese. As for sides, baked potatoes, steak fries, and buttered corn are standard at the establishment. All guests are also given complimentary bread rolls, which have achieved a revered status of their own. Along with enjoying them during meals, one industrious TikTok user also discovered an ingenious hack to get some bread rolls of your very own.

A convenient way to satisfy your carb cravings in style

TikTok user Mama Jill thrilled her followers when she shared a special Texas Roadhouse bread roll trick. In the video, Mama Jill claimed that you can pick up one dozen of the chain's iconic rolls for just a few bucks, along with a tub of cinnamon butter. In the comments, Mama Jill explains that the Owensboro, Kentucky location has a drive-thru for pick-up orders only. It's here that you can get your very own rolls to take home, much to the delight of your loved ones.

Other users chimed in that it's also possible to acquire frozen rolls, which last longer than the fresh ones. However, it typically depends on the establishment and the time of the year. Some locations offer frozen rolls around the holidays, while others don't offer them at all. You can determine whether your Texas Roadhouse location does by calling the restaurant to inquire about their frozen bread roll policy. And if you're curious about why these bread rolls are so beloved by patrons, the secret is in the preparation.

How does Texas Roadhouse stand out from other steakhouses?

Many restaurant chains cut corners to save money and time. This can result in the use of frozen items and microwaved foods, which are definitely convenient but lack the taste and quality of freshly made foods. Texas Roadhouse understands that quality trumps convenience every time, which is why the chain insists on making items from scratch. When it comes to the bread rolls, people can rest assured that new batches are being baked every five minutes.

The establishment uses the same fresh philosophy when it comes to steaks. Texas Roadhouse locations insist on serving up fresh steaks as opposed to the frozen variety. While freezing steaks is perfectly acceptable, it can negatively impact flavor and texture when done incorrectly. Additionally, the steakhouse features its own butchers, who hand-cut the juicy steaks to absolute perfection. According to Cyril Reyes, Texas Roadhouse's director for operations via Market Screener, machine-cutting steaks can result in a loss of moisture and juiciness because of friction. These small but significant actions are a big reason why Texas Roadhouse is such a success with diners.