13 Creative Toppings To Try On Rice Krispies Treats

Whether you enjoy homemade buttery Rice Krispies treats or pre-made ones that come in shiny blue packaging, you make a mistake when you eat them plain. Home bakers commonly decorate cookies, cupcakes, and other individually portioned desserts, so why is it that folks don't spruce up Rice Krispies treats too? To make them homemade, you only need marshmallows, butter, and Rice Krispies cereal. On the other hand, store-bought ones contain other ingredients, like corn syrup, vegetable oil, and preservatives, to extend their shelf-life.

Both renditions have a similar flavor and texture, with the gooey marshmallows and crispy cereal pieces being the most prominent part of the treat. These light and fluffy snacks are already inviting enough on their own, but they become top-quality when you add fruit, sauces, icings, and more. Use these topping ideas to wow your guests at your upcoming party or make your average Tuesday night a little more exciting.

Peaches and cream

Classic peaches and cream desserts are luscious, so imagine how tasty it is on top of a Rice Krispies treat. Sweet and juicy peaches often have tart undertones, which makes them the perfect accompaniment for the cream. Then, add fluffy marshmallows and crispy cereal to the mix, and you have a variety of textures and flavors to indulge in. This topping is adjustable because you can use fresh peaches or canned ones.

The fresh fruit is slightly firmer, whereas the canned ones are softer and more convenient because they're pre-sliced. Not to mention, sometimes companies pack them with syrup, which you can use as a sauce. As for the creamy ingredient, use whipped cream or Cool Whip by placing a dollop on top of the cereal bar, then pile on the peaches. Alternatively, place the cut peaches onto the Rice Krispies treat and drizzle it with melted ice cream or chilled heavy cream, which is more in line with how folks traditionally served peaches and cream.


Fondant is undoubtedly a staple for bakers who decorate cakes, but it's not every day that you see individual fondant-decorated Rice Krispies treats. Nevertheless, there are countless ways to use fondant to your advantage when you want to make cereal bars a bit more elegant. And since the Rice Krispies squares are already sticky, the fondant attaches to them with no issue.

While you can entirely wrap the dessert in fondant, we recommend that you decorate the top layer to not overdo it and distract from the treat itself. However, this doesn't mean you can't get creative. Cut out shapes like hearts, flowers, and stars, or even build three-dimensional characters to sit on top of the sweet treat. Fondant makes it easy to craft themed Rice Krispies squares, whether you want to make it for a kid's birthday party or another holiday like Easter or Christmas.

When you use the fondant, roll it out as flat as possible because it is much better looking and tasting when you do so. Depending on how much time you have, you can make the fondant homemade or purchase it. Either way, it helps to know how to incorporate color into fondant. First, split the fondant into different portions if you plan to make multiple colors of it. Then, knead it in a similar way that you would knead bread dough. Take tiny amounts of food coloring and knead it into the fondant until you reach the desired color.

Dried fruit and coconut

Create a tropical-style Rice Krispies bar when you use shredded coconut and dried fruit, such as mangos, pineapple, and strawberries. Concerning coconut, there are sweetened and unsweetened coconut shreds or coconut chips that you can use. Furthermore, both raw and toasted versions taste marvelous on Rice Krispies treats. To toast it, simply place the coconut on a sheet tray and bake it in the oven until it turns golden brown.

When it comes to the fruit, buy them already dehydrated or make dried fruit at home using an oven or air fryer. Chop the fruit into smaller pieces because if you use a large portion, the entirety of it comes off in the first bite. Furthermore, it is best to apply all of these components onto the dessert bars while they are still warm so that it's less of a chance that they'll fall off when you eat them. However, you can also try to press them onto firm bars, and the tacky marshmallows somewhat hold them in place.

Oreos and cream cheese

This topping pair is supreme since cream cheese has a slight tang, compensating for the Rice Krispies' sugary taste. Meanwhile, the Oreos have a brittle consistency that accentuates that same quality in the cereal. There are multiple ways to use these ingredients as a garnish, which work for both homemade and store-bought Rice Krispies treats. First, spread plain cream cheese atop the bars (if you make the sweet treat from scratch, wait for them to cool first). Grab some Oreos and break them into smaller pieces, then scatter them over the dessert, thoroughly covering the cream cheese or leaving some gaps in between.

Another option, if you have Rice Krispies treats that are still hot and haven't set yet, is to put the Oreo crumbs directly onto the bars. Press them down gently so they stick. Then, make cream cheese icing and use a spoon to pour thin strands of the icing across the confection. The only downside when you take this route is that the Oreos tend to soften and lose their crunch.

Bacon and maple

There are several ways to use this famous sweet and salty duo as a finish for your Rice Krispies treats. First, the easy way is to cook bacon in the oven, on the stovetop, or by any other means and chop it into small pieces. Separately, make maple icing and spread a thin layer over the cereal bars. Scatter the bacon pieces over the frosting to complete the confection. When you bite into the Rice Krispies treat, the maple and marshmallow race to catch your attention, as the smoky meat enhances both sweet ingredients. The chewy bars and fried bacon are an unparalleled combination.

As another option, create maple-glazed bacon and use that as a garnish for the sweet treat. Cook the bacon in a frying pan and brush it with pure maple syrup once it's mostly cooked. Flip the bacon and apply the syrup on both sides; allow it to finish cooking and for the maple to caramelize on the meat's exterior. Finally, cut the bacon slices in half (or chop them into bacon bits) and place them on the Rice Krispies treats. The glazed bacon has a gorgeous shine to it. 

When you include bacon as a dessert component, just remember that you must refrigerate the Rice Krispies treats, which makes them harder to chew. You should consume this treat immediately to enjoy it to the fullest.

Candied nuts

While the cereal pieces give Rice Krispies treats a pleasant mouthfeel, the bars are primarily chewy and still greatly benefit from crunchy toppings; this is when you give candied nuts a chance to shine. Numerous nuts taste lovely in desserts, such as pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts, pistachios, almonds, and peanuts. Of course, you can sprinkle a few plain nuts on top of the bar, but why not jazz them up first? Specifically, candied pecans and walnuts are excellent matches for Rice Krispies treats. And since the Rice Krispies treats and caramelized nuts are on the sticky side, all you need to do is press the nuts onto them, and they don't fall off as quickly as they would on a cookie or a brownie.

Making these types of nuts is simple; whip egg whites and sugar until the mixture is foamy, then throw the nuts into the bowl and thoroughly coat them. Place the nuts onto a baking sheet in a single layer and bake them until they're golden brown. Allow them to cool before you use them as a finishing touch on the sweet treat. While it is always important to cover cereal bars with plastic wrap when you store them, it is especially crucial with this topping because the nuts go stale if you leave them out too long.

White chocolate and cranberries

Opposites attract when it comes to the slightly tart nature of dried cranberries and the sugary essence of white chocolate. People commonly use these two ingredients in cookies and scones, so it's no surprise how flavorful they taste on top of a Rice Krispies treat. There's more than one method to use these ingredients to your advantage, the first being melted white chocolate. All you need to do is use the microwave to melt the chocolate until it is runny enough to drizzle over the bars. Then, quickly put the dried cranberries on top so they attach to the chocolate before it solidifies.

Another way, if you want to veer on the fancy side of things, is to make white chocolate fudge. Make the Rice Krispies bars as usual, and once they become firm, pour the fudge mixture on top, followed by cranberries. You can even mix the fruit into the fudge mixture if you wish. Give it time to set (the refrigerator accelerates the process). While you can use fresh fruit, we don't recommend it because its excess water ultimately seeps and affects the dessert's texture.

Ice cream

Have you ever thought of using ice cream with your Rice Krispies treats? Since these cereal bars only contain a few ingredients, it makes them the perfect foundation for virtually any flavor of ice cream to rest on. Flavors like chocolate, caramel, and peanut butter ice cream taste heavenly with the marshmallow flavor. You can also make a traditional sundae with vanilla ice cream, maraschino cherries, hot fudge, sprinkles, and more. Place the Rice Krispies treats in the bowl before you pile the other components on.

For folks who have a hard time waiting for their Homemade Rice Krispies to set because they love the gooey texture of marshmallows, they can absolutely use a warm Rice Krispies treat with the ice cream too. The warm dessert bar has a similar effect as if you used a freshly baked cookie. You can also make a s'mores-themed sundae with the marshmallowy treat as the base, chocolate ice cream, and graham cracker crumbs as the final touch; there are endless combinations to make when it comes to ice cream and Rice Krispies treats.

Jam and streusel

Since Rice Krispies treats are a no-bake dessert, you might think you can't put streusel on them. However, you can make streusel separately and bake it in the oven before you apply it to the sweet treat. A clever way to ensure the streusel stays attached to the dessert bar is to spread a layer of jam in between. Use any jelly or jam flavor you enjoy, such as strawberry, grape, or raspberry. Specifically, jams with a tart undertone are ideal because they guarantee the dessert doesn't turn out overly saccharine — think orange marmalade or sour cherry jam.

Wait for homemade Rice Krispies treats to cool before you decorate them in this way. Otherwise, the hot marshmallow mixture melts the jam and creates a mess. Of course, that isn't an issue if you work with the pre-made Rice Krispies treats. Once you assemble the sweet treats with a thin layer of jelly and a topcoat of baked streusel, they have a charming three-layer appearance that is much more appetizing than a simple Rice Krispies treat.

Salted caramel

This topping is phenomenal because it creates a mostly sweet dessert with hints of saltiness that dance on your tongue. It is an optimal way to upgrade your sweet treat because it takes very little time and gives them a dazzling finish. The rich flavor of the caramel brings out the buttery qualities in the Rice Krispies square that you might overlook otherwise. To use this as a garnish, make DIY salted caramel sauce or buy store-bought caramel.

The from-scratch sauce is much easier to make than you might assume; it only takes 15 minutes to complete with hints of vanilla, cream, and salt. Naturally, caramel is very hot when it first comes off the stove, so you might want to wait it out before you drizzle it onto the dessert. If you purchase the pre-made caramel, it might be plain caramel instead of salted caramel. This isn't an issue, though — after you apply the sauce to the Rice Krispies treat, sprinkle sea salt flakes over the top to complete it.

Candied oranges and chocolate

For all the chocolate lovers, chocolate and orange Rice Krispies bars are like no other when it comes to flavor. Of course, chocolate pairs with all sorts of things, but the orange works so well with Rice Krispies treats because the citrus offsets the sugary essence and creates balance. The wonderful thing is that this topping works whether you make the dessert bars from scratch or purchase pre-packaged ones. Firstly, make candied orange peels or slices; either make them on the stovetop or in the oven. Alternatively, make dehydrated orange slices in the air fryer.

Incorporate chocolate into the dessert with chocolate frosting, ganache, or melted chocolate chips. All these chocolate forms provide a slightly different consistency, so it is up to your preference. Ganache and melted chocolate slightly harden once they cool, but the frosting remains soft. To make this topping come to life, apply the chocolate element to the bars, then layer on plain or chocolate-dipped orange peels and slices. The dark chocolate makes the orange pieces appear more striking because of the contrast in color, and it improves the overall look of the dessert.

Peanut butter and bananas

Yes, peanut butter, bananas, marshmallows, butter, and crunchy cereal wrapped into one dessert is just as delicious as it sounds. The sliced fruit and nut butter act as an embellishment, and their flavors perfectly collide with the Rice Krispies treats. If you choose to make this sweet treat, bear in mind that it's best to enjoy it directly after you assemble it. Otherwise, the bananas turn brown and unappetizing.

But once you're ready to try it, slice a banana into thin coin-like pieces and layer the fruit on top of the cereal bar, which gives it a feathered look. Next, scoop some peanut butter from the jar and briefly pop it in the microwave. The peanut butter doesn't take long to melt and becomes sauce-like. Next, drizzle lines of the nut butter over the fruit and enjoy. As another option, for people who just can't get enough peanut butter, take the room-temperature product and spread a thin layer of it over the Rice Krispies treat. Then, layer on the fruit pieces. Both methods are equally delicious and take just a few minutes to execute.


For homemade Rice Krispies treats, make them with a layer of butterscotch fudge. First, cook the cereal bars on the stovetop and spread them in a pan. Then, make the butterscotch fudge and pour it directly on top of the sweet treat so it adheres and becomes one thick dessert. Next, transfer them to the refrigerator so that they are correctly set. Once the surface layer solidifies, you have Rice Krispies squares with a generous blanket of fudge on top. There is something so satisfying about the marriage of velvety fudge, cereal grains, and the stretchy marshmallow and butter mixture.

That's not the only way to use butterscotch; you can also use it as a sauce. So, if butterscotch Rice Krispies treats sound divine to you but you don't have much time, purchase some butterscotch dessert sauce from the grocery store. If you buy it in a bottle, squeeze lines of it directly onto the dessert in an abstract yet appealing way. If it came in a jar, slather it on top of the bars to give them an extra sugary hint. Lastly, it is possible to use melted butterscotch chips the same way you would use the sauce.