Starbucks' Summer 2023 Menu Has Reportedly Leaked. Here's When To Expect It

Instagram user @markie_devo often shares news regarding upcoming food and beverage releases. Thanks to a menu leak reportedly sent to the Instagram page by a Starbucks employee, fans have an early look at some new Starbucks menu items that will reportedly be available this summer.

The first new Starbucks drink on the summer menu will be the Chocolate Java Mint Frappuccino. Though mint is typically more of a winter flavor and is used in the popular Peppermint Mocha drink, this frozen drink could bring a refreshing twist to your summertime sips. The coffee chain will also serve a White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew.

In addition to the drinks available for purchase in its cafés, Starbucks will also be selling the Green Apron Blend coffee grounds. This release was announced back in October 2022, when Starbucks partners got to taste-test the blend. The blonde roast coffee reportedly tastes sweet and nutty, with notes of orange and graham cracker.

Starbucks will also sell a sweet treat and new cups

According to @markie_devo's Instagram post, the leaked summer menu reportedly includes the all-new bumblebee cake pop — a sweet treat coated in yellow, black, and white icing to mimic the look of the insect. However, some commenters on the Instagram post weren't so sure they loved the look. "That cake pop does not look like a bee," wrote one user. Another comment said, "Nah that's not a bee, that's a mildly displeased goblin."

It's also rumored that Starbucks will collaborate with artist Tim Singleton for its summer drinkware products. Singleton is a Canadian designer whose work focuses on bright, bold colors and often promotes LGBTQ+ rights. The leaked images show two different styles of cup, both featuring vivid colors: a tumbler and a cold cup with a striped straw.

Though Starbucks has yet to announce its summer menu, @markie_devo reports that the all-new items will hit menus on May 9.