The Easiest Way To Make Bunny-Shaped Cupcakes For Easter

Though the Easter bunny has become an iconic symbol of the spring holiday, its origins are actually a little unclear. The Easter bunny's importance may have spun off of the German tradition of "Osterhase." When German immigrants brought the idea to Pennsylvania in the 1700s, children made nests for the so-called "Easter hare" to lay eggs in.

These days, the Easter bunny typically leaves plastic eggs filled with candies, small toys, and gifts for children to find throughout the yard or house. And once the Easter egg hunt is over for the day, many people celebrate the holiday with brunch or dinner. Along with the Easter meal, of course, typically comes some sweet treats. Carrot cake, fruit tarts, and puddings may be typical Easter treats, but one TikTok video shows how to create some extra cute cupcakes to celebrate the holiday. All you need is a cupcake tin, liners, batter, and a little bit of tin foil.

Rather than bake the cupcakes first and cut them into the shape of a bunny later, this TikTok video shows a chef putting aluminum foil balls between the cupcake tray and the liners. The balls stay in place while the cupcakes bake, resulting in delicious rabbit-shaped cupcakes.

Change the shape of your cupcakes

This ingenious method, shared to the official Food Network TikTok, was created by Winnie, a Luxembourg cake artist who started a baking blog to show off her sweet treats. In her video for Food Network, she shows how to make your own Easter-ready cupcakes. First, she fills her cupcake tin with liners, and then about halfway up with batter, as you'd bake them normally. Then, she takes small balls of tin foil and places three in each compartment of the tin. One goes at the top, and Winnie places one each on the upper left and right sides of the cupcakes. The treats can then be baked as the recipe indicates, and the tin foil balls will help keep the cupcakes in that shape, making them resemble a bunny's head and ears.

Commenters on the TikTok video were excited about the cute idea. "People are just so creative," wrote one user. "These look fantastic." One user was excited to share the recipe: "This is cute," they commented. "I'm going to do these for my class." But you don't have to use bits of tin foil you bought at the store, either. One user commented, "Excellent reason to eat a whole bunch of Hershey Kisses so you can use the wrappers!"

Complete these cupcakes with some decorations

Though the baked cupcakes are shaped like bunny heads, they need some decorating to complete the look. In the video, once the cupcakes have fully cooked and cooled, Winnie carefully removes the tin foil balls from each compartment with kitchen tweezers. She then removes the bunny-shaped cupcakes from the tin and begins decorating them.

To add a little extra texture, Winnie begins decorating using a multi-opening piping tip, also called a grass piping tip. These piping tips feature multiple holes for the frosting to squeeze out of, creating the appearance of intricately placed dots along the cupcake. Winnie first pipes out the inner ears of the bunnies using pink frosting, then continues the decoration with a creamy white frosting to mimic the bunny's fur. She finishes off the design with some finely piped black whiskers and eyes and adds a pastel candy nose.

To see more of Winnie's works, check out her Instagram page or blog.