Gordon Ramsay's Double Smash Technique For Delicious Burgers

Smashburgers, the wildly popular cooking technique that inspired its very own fast-food chain, first originated in Asheland, Kentucky. Approximately 50 years ago, a worker at a local establishment known as Dairy Cheer had the brilliant idea to smash a burger patty with a #10 can, which is roughly 6 3⁄16 inches by 7 inches. Smashing the burger while it was cooking created an unbelievable texture and flavor, but it also prevented the patty from puffing up into an unwieldy ball of meat. The result was a burger preparation that remains beloved all these years later, even by world-class chefs.

Take Gordon Ramsay, for instance, a celebrity chef who needs no introduction. While Ramsay is known for helming many highly successful restaurants all over the world, the chef also enjoys elevating simple recipes by way of his expansive culinary expertise. Take smashburgers, for instance, a basic preparation that just about any home cook can pull off. Ramsay's approach takes this already delicious burger and makes it twice as tasty by using a few simple yet inspired cooking techniques.

Double the patties, double the flavor

On Next Level Kitchen, the YouTube cooking show Ramsay shares with fellow chef and restauranteur Richard Blais, Ramsay shows off his brilliant smash technique for creating the perfect burger. Ramsay begins by oiling and seasoning the burger press, which he follows up by placing two unsmashed burger patties into a hot pan. Next, Ramsay applies the oiled and seasoned press to the burgers and leaves it on for about ten seconds.

Timing is key to Ramsay's technique, as the burgers should only be smashed when they're cooking in the pan and not before. According to Ramsay, smashing the beef while cooking is the best way to achieve the lean and crispy texture synonymous with smashburgers. After allowing the burgers to cook for a while, the press should be used again to squeeze out more delectable juices. As juices flow out of the interior of the burger, they will fuse with the exterior of the meat to create unbelievable flavors. At this point, Ramsay recommends turning off the stovetop, removing the pan from the heat, and letting the burgers rest before plating. While the burger rests, Ramsay moves to the next steps in his smashburger recipe.

It's the juicy details that make for a great smashburger

Much like his double smash technique, Ramsay has also perfected the art of adding cheese to a juicy burger. The chef tosses a slice of cheese into a hot pan to let it melt and caramelize slightly. Smashburgers are all about texture, after all, and very few people can resist the satisfying texture of melty cheese — though we suggest a similar cheese to one that makes a fantastic grilled cheese. Once sufficiently caramelized, Ramsay takes the bottom burger bun and places it over the cheese in the pan, at which point the two become fused.

Ramsay's special burger sauce is next, which consists of mayonnaise, Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, and pickles. The chef also includes a fried egg in the recipe, which he cooks with salt, pepper, and a bit of butter for maximum crispiness. Once each component is cooked, it's time for assembly. The cheese bun goes on the bottom and is topped with sauce. Seasoned sliced tomatoes are next, which are followed by the first smash patty. Next comes the fried egg, then the second smash patty, then onions, and finally a dollop of sauce. The smashburger is crowned with a toasted top bun and ready to be enjoyed. Ramsay's recipe shows that you don't have to be a culinary mastermind to cook like one, as virtually anyone can tackle this delicious smashburger preparation.