Baskin Robbins Appeals To Childhood Nostalgia With Its Latest Ice Cream Flavor

Each month, Baskin Robbins releases a new ice cream flavor, only available for a limited time. According to the company's website, it has created more than 1,400 flavors over the years. The ice cream chain has just announced that its April Flavor of the Month will taste like a childhood favorite food: the peanut butter and jelly sandwich, according to an emailed press release from the company.

Baskin Robbins' new PB 'n J ice cream flavor begins with a brown butter-flavored ice cream base. Rather than an overwhelming peanut butter flavor, browned butter typically tastes a little more subtly nutty, allowing the complementary fruity flavors to shine through. A grape jelly swirl is added throughout the ice cream for an extra sweet flavor.

Nostalgic flavors have been a driving force behind food trends, reports Lions Deal, and Baskin Robbins may hope to appeal to anyone who still feels like a kid at heart. This sweet flavor will be available to taste test throughout the month of April.

Grab a graduation cake or a sweet smoothie

Along with the nostalgic ice cream flavor, Baskin Robbins will also help you celebrate a major milestone in adulthood with another new release, as per the emailed press release.

The brand-new Turn the Tassel ice cream cake will be decorated with a graduation cap, frosting roses, and rosettes, and the decorative colors can be customized to match any schools. Customers can also customize the cake with any ice cream flavor — including PB 'n J, if you want to add a nostalgic twist.

If you can't get enough of the fruity flavors, the chain will also be releasing three new, non-dairy smoothie options — juicy mixed berry, zesty strawberry, and tropical mango smoothies will all be hitting menus along with the ice cream and cake.

The all-new ice cream and smoothies will be available to order in participating Baskin Robbins locations beginning April 1, and online pre-orders will go up for the Turn the Tassel Cake that same day.