Frank's RedHot Didn't Have A Dill Pickle Flavor — Until Now

Frank's RedHot has been delighting fans of spice for more than 100 years and has long reigned as one of America's all-time favorite hot sauce brands.(It certainly takes the top spot out of Daily Meal's 13 best brands of hot sauce). The spicy cayenne blend was used to make the first-ever buffalo wings in 1964 at Anchor Bar & Grill in New York. And with a tagline like "I put that s*** on everything", could it be any more iconic? 

With a variety of in-demand flavors, from the stingin' honey teriyaki wing sauce to the classic buffalo variety, Frank's has a lot to offer. The brand has a place in more than 90% of U.S. grocery stores, so it's pretty hard to imagine Frank's getting any more popular than it is today. 

But with the introduction of a hot new flavor, things might just start ramping up for the brand even more. Frank's RedHot didn't have a dill pickle flavor — until now.

A hot new flavor in the Frank's RedHot lineup

A brand-new dill pickle variety of Frank's RedHot is now available for all lovers of spice. The new blend is extra flavorful, with a punch of spiced pepper bringing depth to the familiar tang of a dill pickle. Frank's recommends the topping for just about anything from loaded fries to pizza to sliders and wings. You could even drizzle it onto a dill pickle. (Let's face it, some foods just taste better with hot sauce). 

The addition of the dill pickle hot sauce follows a lot of hype for the pickle flavor in general. The New York Times dubbed dill pickle the "flavor of the summer" in 2022. And the availability of pickle-flavored products, from cotton candy to kettle chips, is continuously on the rise. 

If you're itching to get a taste of dill in hot sauce form, two five-ounce bottles are now being sold online for $6.49, per McCormick. Bottles will be hitting store shelves later this fall.