Chipotle's New Limited Time Chicken Al Pastor Marks A Big Milestone

For a restaurant primarily known for burritos and bowls, Chipotle's newest releases seem to be designed to make the biggest splash that it can, whether it's through new flavors, a limited-time release, or an entirely new way of presenting itself to the consumer.

In September 2022, for example, Chipotle announced that it was releasing Garlic Guajillo Steak for a limited time at all Chipotle locations across the United States and Canada. Not only was the steak a brand-new flavor option, but it also was the first Chipotle item unveiled in the Metaverse. And in March 2022, Chipotle rolled out its Pollo Asado options, making it the first new chicken item in the company's nearly three decades-long history. Chipotle even released fajita quesadillas, inspired by the quesadilla's viral popularity on TikTok. In short, whenever Chipotle releases a new menu item, it seems to break a milestone in the company's record books.

But what exactly is the "milestone" that Chipotle's newest chicken-based menu item trying to mark? If virtual stunts, such as promoting itself in the Metaverse or being inspired by social media, have already been done, what else is there? The answer lies in just how far this particular menu item is going to reach.

Chipotle's Chicken al Pastor will be available globally

According to a March 14 press release, Chipotle will offer Chicken al Pastor for a limited time. Chicken al Pastor is described as being the chain's famous grilled chicken, tossed with adobo, morita peppers, and ground achiote, followed by pineapple and fresh lime. Unlike its Garlic Guajillo Steak and Pollo Asado, Chipotle's Chicken al Pastor will be available in all global locations. Even if you're not in the United States or Canada, you can still try the Chicken al Pastor for yourself. 

Chicken al Pastor may be a new menu item for many Chipotle locations, but there are a few places that are a bit more familiar with it. Several locations in the Denver and Indianapolis areas were chosen to test the new menu item in summer 2022. The tests seemed to have indicated the Chicken al Pastor sold well, as fans are now seeing the item's global release.

Chipotle is offering fans a $0 delivery fee from March 16 to March 26, should you be interested in trying the new chicken flavor for yourself. This offer, however, is only available for customers in the United States.