Chipotle Is Officially Embracing The Secret Menu Quesadilla Workers Hate

The allure of secret restaurant menus is pretty hard to deny. As illustrated by Reader's Digest, lots of dining establishments offer "secret" items, meaning dishes that do not appear on the menu officially and must be requested by the customer. For instance, Wendy's customers can ask for a Grand Slam, which is a burger consisting of four patties with a slice of cheese between each. Then there's the KFC Triple Down, which is a "sandwich" where two chicken filets take the place of the bread, and the center consists of another chicken filet, bacon, and cheddar cheese.

The beloved fast casual chain Chipotle also offers some secret items of its own, per Insider. While the restaurant famously does not sell nachos, you can concoct your own by ordering a burrito bowl and asking for a layer of chips on the bottom. You can also enjoy a secret Quesarrito, which is a burrito wrapped in a quesadilla. While these secret Chipotle items are definitely adored, they can't top one epic concoction people liken to the establishment's version of a Philly cheesesteak. And much to the delight of Chipotle's devotees, the item is being added to the main menu soon.

A Chipotle secret menu hack becomes official

Food TikTok is the place to discover new and exciting recipes and dishes. According to TODAY, it was also integral for influencing Chipotle to add a favorite secret item to its official menu. The menu hack in question is pretty simple, consisting of a steak quesadilla, fajita veggies, and plenty of extra cheese. However, the combination of ingredients is a real crowd-pleaser, based on the raucous reaction the item elicited. It was first made famous by two highly popular TikTok foodies Keith Lee and Alexis Frost, and Chipotle enlisted the duo to announce the brand-new menu addition.

Lee recently shared a video via TikTok where he and Frost reveal that the menu item is being added to the Chipotle app. The duo then samples the preparation for themselves, with Lee declaring "that's fire," upon tasting the cheesy goodness. Sadly, the pair also state that the preparation will not be available on the app until March, as Chipotle wants to get it "just right," per Frost. According to TODAY, the real reason for the delay may be to prepare Chipotle staff for the swell of customers anticipating the dish. A rep for Chipotle states that the chain must properly train staff and offer guidance to ensure "an optimal employee and guest experience." For now, Chipotle fans can soothe themselves with other tasty dishes offered by the chain.