12 Of The Best Foods And Drinks To Top With Tajin

Tajín is a must-buy spice blend with a multitude of uses. The flagship product of this popular Latin American brand is Tajín Clásico. It features a uniquely tart, crunchy mix that's comprised of salt, dehydrated lime, and a boost of ground chili peppers. Its versatility as a condiment and topper to many dishes makes it an essential pantry and refrigerator staple.

You could argue that Tajín is a borderline Christmas miracle as it first arrived on the scene in Mexico on December 23, 1985. Ever since, it has provided a piquant bouquet of flavors to loyal consumers, and has grown from being a cult following to a brand that is a reliable presence on the shelves of American grocery store chains, including Target and Walmart. 

Tajín has also expanded into providing a wide-ranging product line, including an version that's lower in sodium. Past that, Tajín has delivered a line of hot sauces that showcase fruity and pickled chamoy flavors, as well as smoky chipotle peppers. So, whether you're going with a saucy topping or a crispy, finishing touch, definitely look to Tajín when you want to add something extra to some of your favorite foods and beverages.

1. Corn

What would be our top pick for the best food to pair with Tajín? It's corn! We are absolutely on the side of the "CEO of Corn" in the opinion that it is awesome. And a cob of corn is even more awesome with a generous dusting of Tajín atop a brush of butter (or mayo, if that's your thing), and a coating of cotija cheese.

All added up, with Tajín you're providing a nice counterbalance of tang, spice, fat, and salt to corn when it's especially sweet during its peak season in summer and autumn. This is the way of elote. Another route to go when it comes to Tajín and corn is esquites, a popular street food corn salad served in a bowl. It's a bit more trouble for the chef behind the counter, but less mess left on your face compared to tackling a whole ear of corn. We also wouldn't pass up the option of a final touch of Hot Cheeto crust if it was on the menu.

2. Tacos

Why should it be any surprise that Tajín is an excellent topper for tacos? After all, they both share Mexican origins. We advocate strongly for adding a touch of Tajín crunch as a finishing touch. It's particularly welcome if the tacos are warm, soft corn or flour tortillas, which beg for a little bit of crispiness.

You can pair the seasoning with any protein. Chicken can come off as a bit bland if it's not well seasoned, and Tajín adds a perfect kick of salt, sourness, and spice. Try it atop beef tacos from carne asada to birria — its blend of tangy flavors will add balance to the richness of the meat. Fried fish and shrimp tacos benefit especially from the lime and chile elements in Tajín. If you're in the mood for pork, it's a great addition to carnitas or al pastor to add even more crispy texture and piquancy. You can also veer towards vegetarian tacos by roasting some cauliflower and topping it with Tajín. 

3. Margaritas

Tajín's spice blend is especially good used as a coating on the rim of a cocktail glass — and that's regardless of whether the drink is boozy or virgin. It also takes a classic margarita to the next level. Margaritas are a delightfully puckering apéritif to pair with tortilla chips and some peppery salsa, and a hit of Tajín accentuates the flavors perfectly. 

For the mixologists at home who enjoy serving up margaritas, we can't recommend Tajín highly enough. A rim of Tajín Clásico is not only an addition of flavor but a nice decorative garnish with its red, orange, and black sprinkles. And, having the crispy texture as you take a sip is an extra benefit. Start by preparing the cocktail in a shaker while you get the glassware ready for the pour. While water might be sufficient enough to capture a nice coat of Tajín, our vote is to use citrus, which adds even more tart and helps the seasoning really stick for sip after sip.

4. Micheladas

A michelada is a savory, alcoholic beverage that caters to fans of acid and heat. The drink is mostly beer, and it shouldn't be surprising that they are especially delicious as a summer sipper over ice on a hot day. So it's no wonder that Tajín is a perfect partner for this refreshing drink. We would recommend going with a mild lager or a pale ale — steer clear of stouts and IPAs in this instance. In addition to beer, micheladas have a generous spike of lime, a tiny hit of Worcestershire, and tomato juice; if you're making your own, we suggest opting for Clamato.

Micheladas are best consumed when they have a rim of Tajín. You can order a Tajín michelada kit through Amazon that includes a saucy dip to coat your glassware's rim and the spice to finish it off with a crispy coat. And, if you're a big fan of heat, don't skip out on a few dashes of Tajín's habanero spice blend when you're making micheladas.

5. Breakfast bites

You could opt for coffee or tea for an early morning pick-me-up, but if caffeine isn't enough of a jolt, a kick of Tajín can be an extra wake-up call. That boost of spice and citrus that Tajín provides can be quite the eye-opener if you've found your savory breakfast meals to be a bit bland lately.

When you're making avocado toast, a sprinkle of the seasoning can be a major contributor to the palate considering those two basic ingredients are not known for being overwhelmingly flavorful. Hash browns also need some assistance as far as seasoning goes — look beyond oil, salt, and pepper, and enjoy a sprinkle of Tajín. And if you're an equal fan of tequila as you are Bloody Mary drinks, you can split the difference with Bloody Marias, which feature Tajín and add some welcome heat to the cocktail.

As far as eggs, a scrambled dish or a sunny side-up serving is suddenly bright and flavorful with a sprinkle of Tajín. Beyond breakfast, we would also recommend a sprinkle of the seasoning over hard-boiled eggs for your little one's lunchbox, or atop deviled eggs.

6. Fruit

It may seem counter-intuitive to put a spice blend on top of fruit, but open your mind and your mouth. When you hit up a fruit cart, you'll find a beautiful blend of fruity produce; you'll also probably get asked if you want it with some heat in the form of Tajín's signature flavors, either as a peppery sprinkle or a swirl of sauce.

If you've just brought home a nice haul from the farmer's market, a gentle dose of tangy Tajín brings out the best flavors from all manner of produce. With sweeter fruits like kiwi, grapes, watermelon, and cantaloupe, the spice blend from Tajín adds pop and layers. And with tarter fruits like strawberries and juicy orange wedges, a topping of Tajín is like eating nature's sour candy.

Mangoes, given their hyper-concentrated syrupy flavors, would arguably be the most ideal fruit pairing with Tajín. You can't pass up mangonada — it's a deliciously spicy and sweet smoothie that tastes just as good as it looks. And of course, a rim of salty, sour Tajín is only going to make it better.

7. Ceviche

Ceviche is a deliciously fresh dish featuring fish, shrimp, and other seafood that is "cooked" via a soak in citric acid – usually courtesy of lime juice — which breaks down the proteins. And even though this delectable meal is served cold or at room temperature, if you like spice, Tajín is ready to provide some heat in the flavor department.

With a sprinkling of Tajín on top of your ceviche, you're not only getting extra essence of the lime notes that are already present. You're also going to enjoy the salt and chili pepper notes that will take your dish to the next level — and you're also getting a crispy topping to boot. Give it a try with a shrimp and pineapple combo atop some tostada chips. Throw in some cilantro and onion to the marinade, and if you're feeling extra spicy, add in minced jalapeño.

8. Guacamole

Tajín is a highly-recommended topper for guacamole. By nature, the avocado, also known as an  "alligator pear," has a resplendently creamy texture that makes it perfect dip material. It also contains a lot of nutritional benefits. 

To avoid turning this avocado dish into an overly-mushy affair, a sprinkle of Tajín spice delivers a crunchy layer beyond the tortilla chips. And as an additional tip, when shopping, look for avocados that still have the stem on top. If you see a pale green or a yellow hue under the cap, they're ripe and ready to be turned into guacamole.

After mashing the avocados, mix in some tomato, onions, cilantro, and finish the guac with a dash of spicy, sour, and salty Tajín. Not only will you get a boost of extra flavor, but you'll also get a contrast of red-hued sprinkles against the greenery for a perfect photo finish.

9. Baked potatoes

If we're being honest, potatoes need all the help they can get in the flavor department. Those tubers are chock full of starch and the taste can be rather bland. After some time in the oven or microwave, a perfectly-baked potato becomes much more palatable with a blend of tasty toppings. And thankfully, Tajín is here to save the day.

Sour cream, cheddar, chives, and bacon bits can still join the party, but we would argue that the finishing touch to add to that spud is a hit of citrus and pepper zest that they simply can't offer. And it comes courtesy of Tajín. By adding the seasoning, you will have a full umami spectrum of flavors to make your baked potato sing. Hopefully, the skin crisped up during the baking process, but if not, Tajín can also provide textural contrast to that piping hot tater.

10. Popcorn

Tajín seasoning might just be the ideal topper when it comes to movie night. Is there any food better enjoyed with your favorite flick than a bowl of freshly-popped popcorn? But even when it's hot out of the kettle, those kernels are going to need a dousing of seasoning. If you want to add extra oomph to your popcorn, look no further than Tajín to pack some punch with its spikes of salt, sour, and spice to your snack. 

Try topping popcorn with Tajín within a mix of melted butter and grated parmesan to emulate the savory flavors of elote. Or, go down a sweet route by blending hot popcorn with Tajín, brown sugar, and cinnamon for a spicy riff on caramel popcorn. We also would advise using a gentle drizzle of pineapple juice when you're topping your popcorn with Tajín — avoid getting it soggy. Just a splash should be enough to add some sweetness to the mix to contend with the citrus in the Tajín.

11. Chicken wings

It's game day and you have a crowd of friends and family coming over to take in all the action. Even if the room is divided about which team to root for, chicken wings are always a crowd pleaser. And you can add some extra heat to them with Tajín; in fact, Andrew Zimmern happens to be a fan of the duo.

One way to go is by marinating the chicken wings in a blend of olive oil and Tajín's Clásico seasoning, then cooking them on a hot grill, though you could also air fry or bake a batch of them. After they have cooked, allow them to cool slightly then cover them in a glaze that not only incorporates more Tajín, but also maple syrup and lime juice. With its high concentration of sugar, maple syrup needs some counterbalance, and the acidity within Tajín is a great solution.

If you're more in the mood for sauce-coated wings versus a dry rub, try coating them with Tajín's chamoy flavored sauce. And if you're not feeling like wings, the classic Tajín seasoning mixed in with some chipotle in adobo will serve up smoky spice to chicken thighs.

12. Paletas

When there's ice cold fruit on the end of a wooden stick, it's no tongue depressor. Tajín ups the game with paletas by adding some gentle heat to this chilly dessert or mid-day summer snack.

Paletas can come off as cloying if they're overwhelmed with sugar. Tajín is particularly helpful in adding a spicy balance to a batch of tasty paletas that were made with blends of extra ripe mangoes or super sweet melons when they're in peak season. They are delicious on their own merits, but a dash of spicy, salty, sour Tajín brings out even more of the sweet qualities. If you happen across these syrupy fruits when they're at bargain prices, making freezing cold paletas is an excellent way to preserve them beyond their shelf life, and adding Tajín to the blend that goes into the paleta pops will make them an extra special treat.