12 Best Ways For Garnishing Your Deviled Eggs

One dish that can satisfy any event, time of day, or craving is deviled eggs. This creamy egg dish is not just for breakfast — it goes perfectly at lunch, dinner, or for a quick snack throughout the day. More than that, it is a great appetizer to bring to any function. Deviled eggs are easy to make, only requiring mayonnaise, white vinegar, yellow mustard, salt, pepper, and, of course, eggs. To make, all you need to do is boil eggs, remove the shells, and then scoop out the yolks. You combine the yolks with the ingredients and mix them together until you get a creamy consistency. After that, you put the mixture in the boiled egg whites, and they're almost ready to serve.

The last step of the deviled eggs might be the most crucial step of them all. It's imperative to the flavor of the dish that you garnish it to your liking. Though the specificity of the garnish is entirely up to the maker, it can make or break the taste and the quality of the deviled eggs. Some people might choose to stick to spices, while others might be inventive with other meats, vegetables, and cheeses together. Regardless of what you choose, here are the 12 best deviled egg garnishes to take your dish to the next level.

1. Paprika and chives

Some people enjoy the classics, and there is nothing wrong with that. Paprika and chives are the classic, tried and true topping combination for deviled eggs. The deep, chili taste of the paprika and the fresh, crispy crunch of the chives perfectly complement each other. More than that, though, their flavors and textures complete the smooth texture and tangy taste of the classic deviled egg.

To top the deviled eggs with paprika and chives, all you need is a shaker of paprika, which you can apply sparingly over the egg mixture so as not to overwhelm the dish with spice. Then, take some chives and chop them into small, diced pieces so that you can add a few of on top of the egg and paprika. Once you add both of those toppings, you have some classic deviled eggs, and all that is left to do is serve and enjoy.

2. Salmon and capers

For a really unique take on deviled eggs, a great topping combination is to add salmon and capers. Eggs and salmon are both foods that work at any time of the day and with a lot of different methods of preparation. Capers, on the other hand, have a very poignant taste reminiscent of olives, with notes of plant-like citrus mixed in. The taste is certainly aggressive, so it is not for everyone. However, when capers combine with the rich, buttery salmon, it's a match made in heaven.

To top the deviled eggs with salmon and capers, you can smoke the salmon yourself at home, or buy canned salmon that you can use directly from its container and add a few pieces to the top of each deviled egg half. Then, add just a couple of capers to the dish, because due to their strong taste, a little goes a long way. For some extra garnishing, a few drops of lemon juice, either fresh or from the bottle, complements not only the deviled eggs, but the salmon and capers as well.

3. Caviar and lemon

The other version of seafood deviled eggs is a bit fancier than the salmon and capers option. This garnish option is caviar and lemon, which add a more sophisticated air to the dish. The deviled eggs have a less intense taste than the caviar, which adds a buttery, salty taste unmatched in uniqueness by any other fish. The small, spherical fish eggs are only improved on the deviled eggs by the juice of a lemon, either fresh or from the bottle. The citrus offsets the salt of the caviar and adds flavor to the creamy deviled egg.

To top the deviled eggs with caviar and lemon, just buy canned caviar from your local grocery store, or fresh caviar from your local fish market, and put a cluster of the eggs on top of each half of the deviled eggs. Then, you can take lemon juice from a lemon that you freshly squeeze, or from a bottle of lemon juice, and squeeze a small bit onto the tops of the caviar and egg dish. Just like that, you have a brilliant and sophisticated dish to impress guests at any event.

4. Sun-dried tomato and pesto

One of the best parts of topping deviled eggs is mixing the textures. Because the deviled eggs are soft, slippery, and filled with the creamy mixture, having something to crunch into is perfect for the dish. That is why sun-dried tomatoes and pesto are a great and abnormal combination for your deviled eggs. The sun-dried tomato gives that salty and ketchup-like flavor that eggs often combine with, but it also adds that dried up crunch to mix up the dish. The pesto, though not normally combined with eggs, goes really well with the tomatoes and brings a rich and herby taste to the overall dish.

To top the deviled eggs with sun-dried tomato and pesto, start by spooning out a small amount of pesto on each of the deviled eggs — not too much that you overpower the dish but enough that you can taste it. Then, buy some sun-dried tomatoes from the store, or sun-dry your own — though that will take exponentially longer. After you have the sun-dried tomatoes, add a couple of small pieces to each of the deviled eggs. Then you have a great combination of crunchy and creamy.

5. Kalamata olives and cauliflower chunks

Kalamata olives are a classic topping or deviled eggs, but cauliflower chunks are a secretly wonderful addition that, because of their neutral flavor, gives a good juxtaposition to the olives and creamy deviled eggs. The olives give it a bitter, salty taste that, when overused, can be too strong for any dish to handle. That's why the savory, nutty, tame flavor of the cauliflower is the best addition to the olive and egg mixture.

To add the kalamata olives and cauliflower chunks to your deviled eggs, first simply procure some cauliflower. You can either add it uncooked as it comes, or cooked by browning it over the stove. Either way, you will chop it up into small chunks and add a few pieces to the top of each deviled egg. Then, you will accompany your cauliflower with small slices of kalamata olives on each half of the deviled egg, careful to make sure the cauliflower chunks outweigh the olives to balance the flavor. Then, you are ready to enjoy your savory deviled eggs.

6. Blue cheese and bacon

Up next on the deviled eggs toppings is a burger-like combination that will make your deviled eggs into the perfect appetizer for sporting events or casual hangs: blue cheese and bacon. Everyone knows that blue cheeseburgers with bacon are an excellent dish for when you are looking for a more casual meal. With the help of the blue cheese crumbles and bacon bits, your deviled eggs can emulate this delicious flavor combination. The blue cheese's sharpness with the rich, sweet, and salty combination of the bacon complement each other, while also mixing together beautifully with the creamy sweetness of the deviled egg.

To top the deviled eggs with the blue cheese crumbles and bacon bits, first start by getting some blue cheese. You can either purchase blue cheese crumbles from the store or buy a chunk of blue cheese that you break into crumbles on your own. Then, sprinkle some crumbles on top of the deviled eggs. After that, you can either cook up some bacon and chop it into small bits, or you can buy precooked bacon bits from the store. Then, take a couple of bacon bits and put them on top of each deviled egg half. You are sure to enjoy this casual take on the deviled egg toppings.

7. Ham and cheese

For a breakfast sandwich-style deviled egg, ham and cheese pair wonderfully with the taste of the egg. On many breakfast sandwiches, people will order the combination of ham, cheese, and eggs to make a great combination of breakfast tastes. The egg and ham meat combinations work so well together because of their contrasting textures, and the cheese is the rich, thick glue that holds these two meats together. This can be easily translated to a deviled egg, too, for a unique deconstruction of the breakfast sandwich.

To top the deviled eggs with ham and cheese, first you must decide what kind of cheese you would like and then add small cubes or chunks in a quantity to your liking. Cheddar, American, pepper jack, gouda, provolone, or havarti are the best to go on a breakfast sandwich, but it is entirely up to the maker. The cheese that you choose is also dependent on what ham you want to add. You can do Black Forest ham, Honey Baked ham, or any other kind of ham you like the best. Once you pick your kind of ham accordingly with the cheese, or vice versa, then you add the ham chunks or cubes with the cheese on top of each deviled egg half. It is perfect as is, but you can upgrade it more by adding a bit of hot sauce on top of each egg. This is not necessary but can add to the breakfast sandwich taste.

8. Jalapeño and taco seasoning

For a completely fresh take on deviled eggs, a great topping combination is jalapeños and taco seasoning. Jalapeños can sometimes be a good topping for deviled eggs, but they're often paired with other toppings like cilantro or certain spices. However, there are two ways to mix up this classic topping. One is to add pickled jalapeños instead of fresh ones, and the other is by adding taco seasoning instead of the normally used spices to give your deviled eggs a Taco Tuesday flair while still keeping to their traditional taste. The taco seasoning has a smoky, peppery flavor that complements the jalapeños' freshness and signature spice.

To top the deviled eggs with jalapeños and taco seasoning, first you should add the spice. The taco seasoning can be any type that you prefer that can normally be used to spice up taco meat. After you add a bit of seasoning, take either the pickled jalapeños and then add one slice to each half of the deviled eggs. The combination together will make for a funky take on classic deviled eggs.

9. Cayenne pepper and garlic powder or cumin

Though paprika is the normal seasoning on deviled eggs, another great seasoning combination comes from cayenne pepper and garlic powder or cayenne pepper and cumin. Cayenne pepper has a bitter, smoky spice to it that is neutralized when combined with spices like garlic powder or cumin. Both garlic powder and cumin have an earthy, herbal taste to them that goes well with smoky spices. Because of this, and the sweetness of the deviled eggs, cayenne pepper mixed with either garlic powder or cumin makes for an excellent flavor enhancer.

To top your deviled eggs with cayenne pepper and garlic powder or cayenne pepper and cumin, first make your deviled eggs. Then, grab any cayenne pepper shaker, garlic powder shaker, and cumin shaker and sprinkle a bit of each desired spice on top of the eggs. Make sure the cayenne pepper has a smaller amount on the egg, so as not to overpower the rest of the dish. Then, you will be all good to go to eat some flavorful deviled eggs.

10. Pimento cheese and tortilla strip

Pimento cheese is a great snack when combined with crackers, bread, or other crunchy carbs. Pimento cheese goes really well on sandwiches, soups, and other dishes too, because it has such a flavorful taste of cheese, spices, and vegetables like jalapeño. That is why pimento cheese is a great topper for deviled eggs. However, because pimento cheese has some crunch but not a lot, it can feel overwhelmingly creamy with the deviled egg. To combat this and complement the flavor, adding a tortilla strip or a piece of a cracker is a great method to add some crunch.

To top the deviled eggs with pimento cheese and a tortilla strip, you must first get some pimento cheese. You could make pimento cheese at home, but there are many store-bought brands that are just as delicious. Once you have the pimento cheese, you can choose whether or not you want to mix it in with the creamy egg mixture or just put a small amount on top. If you put the pimento cheese on top, adding only a tiny scoop does the trick. Then, you will get your tortilla strip or cracker and place a small portion on the mixture. You can add as much or as little of a crunch as you would like, and then you have the perfect cheesy, crunchy deviled egg.

11. Radish and parsley

Though sometimes it might seem like creating fancier combinations for deviled egg toppings is the way to go, you absolutely cannot go wrong with the classics. That is why topping deviled eggs with radish and parsley is a healthy, fresh, and classic way to spice up the average deviled egg. The radish has a crisp and quiet kick to it that pairs well with the clean, earthy taste of parsley. Both of the textures of the vegetable and herb go nicely with the creamy, rich deviled egg. Though radish also pairs nicely with the classic paprika and chives topping, too, it certainly is at its best when paired with the parsley alone.

To top the deviled egg with radish and parsley, first procure the vegetable and herb, respectively. Then, slice up the radish into thin pieces and place one sticking out of the egg mixture. Then, chop up some parsley, and add a couple of small parsley leaves to the remaining open area of the top of the deviled egg. Then, you have a fresh and delicious take on a classic deviled egg.

12. Wasabi and dried seaweed

Finally, if you are in the mood for sushi but want a unique spin on the food, you would be surprised just how delicious some sushi toppings can be on deviled eggs. To spice up your traditional deviled egg recipe, you need just add wasabi and dried seaweed for a particularly special garnish. The biting spice of the peppery wasabi is balanced out with the crunch and salty seaweed. Both, when combined, create arguably the best garnish for the mayonnaise-y, vinegar-y, and mustard-like egg mixture. The kick from the wasabi is great, though, so tread lightly upon garnishing.

To top the deviled eggs with wasabi and dried seaweed, first procure some wasabi. You can either use raw, thick wasabi or a creamier wasabi sauce. Additionally, you can spread the wasabi on top of the egg mixture, or you can combine it directly with the mixture's ingredients before filling the egg whites back up. Once the wasabi is utilized in the fashion you choose, you'll then add some crunchy dried seaweed on top of the mixture to give a different texture to your creation. For extra texture difference, you can also add some sesame seeds to each half of a deviled egg. This small crunch will pair nicely with the seaweed and wasabi. With those garnishes in place, you have an excellent and abnormal take on a deviled egg platter.