The Only Veggies You Should Get At Costco Are On A Platter

Costco has developed quite a following since its first location opened. The wholesale store chain is known for selling bulk foods, discounted electronics, and more. While shoppers are required to pay for a membership in order to gain entry to the store, that restriction doesn't seem to discourage its loyal fans.

Laura Lamb runs TikTok and Instagram accounts dedicated to the store, both with the handle @costcohotfinds. Lamb showcases new and exciting products found at the bulk food and discount store, then passes the info along to her loyal following on social media. Lamb knows the brand's ins and outs and is always seeking out the best deals. She told Delish that her "obsession" with the store started when she began shopping regularly at her local Costco. She would go in with a list of necessities and wind up finding even more exciting things to purchase as she browsed.

However, there is one category she avoids. When it comes to fresh veggies, Lamb recommends staying away. Instead, she says there is a much better alternative.

Stay away from bulk fresh vegetables

When it comes to buying vegetables in bulk, Laura Lamb says purchasing mass quantities from Costco just isn't practical. Lamb says the vegetables would likely spoil too quickly to enjoy, "unless you're someone who's going to eat a whole bag of fresh Brussels sprouts in a week," she told Delish.

However, Lamb does make one exception to this rule. She eats avocados often enough to make the bulk purchase worth the money. She told Delish that she typically waits for the avocados to ripen before putting them in the fridge, at which point she can then preserve them for another seven to 10 days, ensuring that she has the perfect spread for every slice of avocado toast.

Instead of purchasing bulk vegetables on their own, Lamb opts to purchase a pre-prepped vegetable tray. In one of her TikTok videos, Lamb says, "If there's one thing that gets me to eat more veggies, it's this Costco platter I buy and keep in the fridge for the week."

The tray comes with a delicious dip

In the video on TikTok, Laura Lamb features a Taylor Farms Vegetable Tray. The tray comes packaged with multi-colored peppers, broccoli and cauliflower florets, carrot chips, snap peas, and celery sticks. Lamb says, "Having the veggies already cut up and ready to eat is a bonus." She notes that the tray sold for $8.99 at her local Costco, though some commenters on her video shared that they had spotted it even cheaper.

Plus, the tray comes with a dip that Lamb calls "out of this world." The recipe apparently starts with a ranch dressing base but adds everything bagel seasoning (poppy seeds, sesame seeds, onion, and garlic) to the mix. If you're not a fan of those flavors, Costco does offer a veggie tray with a classic ranch dip.

To keep the vegetables fresh throughout the week, Lamb replied to a comment stating that she sometimes "[throws] them in [her] Pyrex." Another TikTok user commenting on Lamb's video shared that "the veggies roast well too," making this tray a great starter for a delicious side dish.