Doritos Fans Desperately Want Ranch-Dipped Hot Wing Chips Back

There's nothing that makes us miss the past quite like hearing that one of our favorite snacks has been discontinued — and when it's a Dorito flavor, opinions can get a little spicy. Doritos was the first tortilla chip brand to launch nationally in the United States, and since their release in 1966, the brand has taken over the world. 

From classic flavors like Nacho Cheese and Cool Ranch to more niche ones like Doritos Flamas, Doritos has it all — and Doritos-lovers everywhere want to be able to get their favorite flavors, both old and new, forever. Sadly, though, that's not how things work. On multiple occasions, Doritos has discontinued products that chip connoisseurs really enjoyed. And while they've also brought discontinued products back, not every discontinued flavor has returned to store shelves. 

One particular discontinued flavor sparked enough outrage after it was stripped from grocery stores that people took unexpected measures to try to bring it back.

Fans were outraged by the discontinuation

Ranch dressing and hot wings are a classic combination, and for a few years, you could get those flavors all rolled up in a tortilla chip. Yes, that's right — Doritos released Ranch-Dipped Hot Wing chips in 2012 as part of their Jacked line.

As tasty as they sound, though, Ranch-Dipped Hot Wing chips didn't last: Doritos discontinued the flavor in 2019, prompting a wave of outrage on social media. Snackers were so upset that they could no longer buy their favorite chip that they devoted a Twitter account to the fallen Ranch-Dipped Hot Wing chips (where they dubbed them "the people's chip") and even started a petition to bring the discontinued flavor back. 

The petition, which has over 70,000 signatures and a goal of 75,000 signatures, claims that "no other spicy/hot flavor comes even close" to Doritos Ranch-Dipped Hot Wing chips. It seems like countless people agree with petition author Randi Cady, but will Doritos actually bring the chips back?

Has Doritos brought back previously discontinued products?

So far, there hasn't been any word from Doritos about this particular discontinued flavor, but that doesn't mean that we'll never see it again. After all, Doritos has brought back several discontinued products in the past.

Doritos' re-released products are as diverse as they are delicious. Everyone who fondly remembers snacking on 3-D Doritos in the 90s and early 2000s rejoiced in 2020, when the multidimensional chips hit shelves again for the first time since 2004. Two years later, Doritos re-released the Blazin' Buffalo and Ranch flavor as a limited-time offering with packaging designed by Black artists. 

Doritos may not have announced a re-release of their Ranch-Dipped Hot Wing flavor, but with the chip's strong backing on social media and Doritos' history of bringing back iconic flavors, the comeback of Ranch-Dipped Hot Wing Doritos is a definite possibility (and that petition probably doesn't hurt).