McDonald's Might Be Quietly Launching A New Menu Item

Fast food restaurants like Chick-fil-A, Arby's, and Wendy's have been serving up fresh-squeezed lemonade for years, allowing customers to grab a sweet, slightly sour, refreshing drink, perfect for summertime. It seems that McDonald's is catching up to its competitors, and will soon begin offering lemonade on its menu.

According to the Mcdonald's website, the all-new lemonade will be made from lemon juice and real cane sugar for the perfect blend of sour and sweet. The drink will also have bits of lemon pulp mixed in among the ice for an extra burst of citrusy, fruit flavor. Though the fast food chain previously sold Minute Maid Lemonade from its soft drink dispensers, this new lemonade might offer a fresher taste than its soft drink counterpart.

Some McDonald's locations have already begun serving up the lemonade to customers, and fans who have been able to try the early release are excited about the new beverage.

TikTok is stoked over McDonald's lemonade

One TikTok user, @mcdonalds_hacks101, got to try the drink a little early and announced that the drink will be available on McDonald's menus beginning March 8. The user described the drink as "fresh" and "delicious," and called it "sweet, sweet lemonade."


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The TikToker also noted that it does not leave an unpleasant aftertaste — perhaps thanks to the use of real cane sugar.

Another TikToker, @strawberrygurl787, shared her review of the drink. She called herself "a lemonade connoisseur" and stated that the McDonald's employee told her that she'd be back for more after tasting it. After taking a sip of the drink, she loudly announced, "That is a good [censored] lemonade!" One person commented on her video, saying "I'm so excited to go get this."

Though the fast food chain does not appear to have formally announced the launch via any social media yet, the online menu features a "New" indicator above the drink, and the lemonade should soon start popping up on McDonald's menus across the nation. The drink will be available to purchase in small, medium, and large sizes, beginning at just $1.49.