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The Ultimate Ranking Of Gluten-Free Frozen Pizza Brands

Not every beloved food can be made gluten-free, but many brands are doing their best to accommodate people with Celiac disease and gluten intolerances. Companies like Oreo, General Mills, and Tyson are making delicious, accessible gluten-free options for their customers with dietary restrictions.

Among the most beloved foods in the United States is frozen pizza. In 2021 alone, frozen pizza sales accounted for $6.06 billion (via Statista). With that kind of popularity, it's no surprise that numerous frozen pizza brands are making a pivot toward adding gluten-free options to their catalogs. You can now find a wide variety at the grocery store to suit all pizza-lovers' tastes.

For this ranking, we are looking at the 14 most popular gluten-free frozen pizzas you can purchase and examining their quality, price, and accessibility to determine which option is the best of the best. From DiGiorno to Etalia to Against the Grain, here is our ultimate ranking of gluten-free frozen pizza brands.

14. DiGiorno

It might be surprising to see DiGiorno at the bottom of this list, but the problem with this pizza is simple: It isn't necessarily a truly gluten-free pizza. The second ingredient, after water, is wheat starch. On the company's website, it states that the wheat starch undergoes a "rinsing process to remove gluten proteins," but also note that "if you're allergic to wheat, please note the pizza does contain wheat."

Gluten is a protein found in most grains, especially wheat, barley, and rye. Though being wheat-free doesn't necessarily imply gluten-free, or vice versa, a lot of folks with gluten allergies cannot consume wheat. Because of this, DiGiorno's gluten-free pizza alienates a lot of people who are on a gluten-free diet or suffering from Celiac disease.

DiGiorno gluten-free pizza currently has a rating of 3.7 stars on the Target website. While 60% of the reviews were 5-star, a staggering 25% of the intakes were 1-star. One reviewer noted that she would not recommend the pizza to anyone with Celiac disease because it made her sick within 30 minutes of consuming it, while someone else said the pizza was "tasty but not worth the stomach troubles."

13. Great Value

For many years, Walmart has been one of the leading grocery stores for those on a gluten-free diet. It has dedicated gluten-free aisles in both the perishable and frozen sections that consistently contain a wide variety of options. So, it's no surprise that Walmart offers a gluten-free pizza through its in-house, generic brand, Great Value.

However, the Great Value gluten-free pizza is only good for its price; you can get a pizza for less than $10, but that's about it. Reviewers have been mixed on it, too. One reviewer lauded the product for its affordability, saying it's a "good option for a night you don't want to cook and don't want to spend extra money." However, other customers were not so pleased. One customer called the pizza "gross" and proclaimed that the taste resembles a "flour tortilla that'd been left outside for 3 weeks and then rained on a little bit."

If you're on a budget and content with a cauliflower crust pizza that won't electrify your tastebuds, Great Value's gluten-free pizza is a solid option. There are three flavors available, including pepperoni, three cheese, and margherita. However, if your wallet is flexible, there are other pizzas available, even at Walmart. The exclusivity of Great Value only being sold at Walmart locations also brings it down in the ranking.

12. Trader Joe's

Trader Joe's has a good variety of gluten-free options, including a terrific gluten-free artisan bread that is out of this world. The company states, "Whenever we set out to develop a new gluten-free product, our goal is to make sure that it isn't just 'good, for gluten free,' but just plain good." However, the company's gluten-free pizza is quite lackluster in comparison to its other gluten-free products.

From a price point, Trader Joe's is one of the most affordable options on our list. Each pizza costs less than $10, and the size is nearly 13 ounces. It's bigger than a personal pan, but just a touch smaller than a shareable pizza. The pizzas are made with cauliflower crusts, something that's not necessarily a detractor, but you few brands are able to do cauliflower crusts perfectly. Sadly, Trader Joe's is not one of those brands.

The crust is often rubbery, while the part-skim mozzarella cheese the company uses lacks a lot of taste. The sauce is chunky and indistinguishable from marinara. You can get Trader Joe's gluten-free pizzas in two flavors: uncured pepperoni and pheese. However, given that there are rarely Trader Joe's stores outside of metropolitan areas, these pizzas are not nearly as accessible as others on our list.

11. Banza

Banza is a unique entry on our list, as it's the only major gluten-free pizza brand to make its product with chickpea flour. The pizza in available in three flavors — four cheese, roasted veggies, and margherita — however, they are much smaller than other entries on this list, because they are personal pan pizzas.

Unlike other options, like cauliflower crusts, Banza's chickpea recipe is unique and delicious. Aside from rice flour, chickpea flour is easily the next best option for customers looking for wheat flour substitutes. The consistency is good, paralleling gluten-filled pizza crusts distinctly. They aren't too crispy, but have just the right amount of softness that rivals the real thing. One reviewer on Walmart noted that "the crust tastes exactly like a regular pizza. My husband and I couldn't taste any difference crust-wise at all."

At less than $10 each, Banza's gluten-free pizzas make a good dinner for one person. Accessibility isn't an issue, as you can get them at Walmart and Target all over the country. What detracts it from ranking higher is merely its lack of finesse. Banza makes gluten-free pasta and pizza, but not much else. With only a few flavors to choose from, you can get a more exciting taste elsewhere.

10. Amy's

For years, Amy's has been making good, organic meals. From soup to pad thai to burritos, Amy's has delivered to vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free people. In terms of inclusivity, Amy's ranks high in the pack. However, the taste of its products can be hit-or-miss. The brand's gluten-free cheese pizza is made with a veggie crust derived from broccoli, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes. The pizza comes in two flavors: cheese and spinach.

From a price point, Amy's gluten-free pizza is in company with most of its peers, with each pizza typically costing just over $10. However, Amy's pizzas are closer to personal pan size, rather than a shareable size. Reviews have been mostly good, with many customers citing a tasty flavor. One reviewer on Amazon said, "It's definitely not as good as the real thing, but I can't eat the real thing. So, this is a great option."

If you're looking for a gluten-free pizza that is also a healthy option, then Amy's is the best choice. However, if you're in search of an easy dinner to munch on and wash down with a soda, take your money elsewhere. 

9. California Pizza Kitchen

Oddly enough, California Pizza Kitchen is the only pizza chain with physical locations that offers a widely-accessible, gluten-free frozen pizza. While other places, like Domino's and Pizza Hut, have gluten-free options on the menu, they don't offer frozen versions of their beloved pies. That alone makes California Pizza Kitchen stand out from the rest. It's too bad the brand delivers a middle-of-the-road product.

California Pizza Kitchen's gluten-free pizzas are available at Walmart and Target, with prices just under $10, which is pretty good, given how expensive gluten-free frozen pizzas can get. The brand uses a cauliflower crust and does it better than most. The cheese is artisan and melts like a dream, while the sauce isn't too thick or overpowering with spice. On top of that, the meat is juicy and cut perfectly. You can get California Pizza Kitchen's gluten-free pizza in two flavors: BBQ recipe chicken and margherita.

Reviews for California Pizza Kitchen have been favorable, too, as one reviewer lauded the gluten-free pizzas for not having a "bland, crunchy cracker" crust. Another reviewer wrote that the pizzas are "super good and super easy to make on those nights you don't feel up to making a healthy 'made-from-scratch' dinner while still eating something good for you." Though California Pizza Kitchen doesn't offer the most unique or otherworldly creations, the brand's gluten-free pizza is accessible, fair-priced, and solid, and you can try flavors beyond your typical pepperoni and cheese.

8. Daiya

Daiya's gluten-free pizzas are easily the most inclusive item on this list. Not only are they gluten-free, they are free from dairy, soy, eggs, and peanuts, too. That might not seem like the most palatable option to non-vegans, but don't knock it until you try it! Daiya's dairy-free products are some of the best-testing vegan options around.

Daiya's pizzas cost less than $10, which is pretty good for a pizza that caters to dietary restrictions, and there are several options you can grab, including supreme, meatless pepperoni style, meatless meat lover's style, Cheeze lover's, margherita, and fire-roasted vegetable.. One reviewer on Amazon noted, "For a gluten and dairy free pizza, I am in heaven because it tastes pretty close to a real cheese pizza."

For a 100% plant-based pizza, Daiya is the best product you can buy. With a favorable price point and a flavor indistinguishable from the real thing, the company has earned its place among a very good and tasty list of gluten-free pizzas. 

7. Kroger

Few store-brand pizzas are better than their name-brand counterparts, and when dealing with gluten-free products, the line between whether something is tasty or not is thinner than normal. However, Kroger's store-brand pizza subverts expectations and lands higher on our list than we ever foresaw.

Kroger's gluten-free pizza is 17.5 ounces, labeled "extra thin crust," and is available in two flavors: pepperoni and four cheese. On the surface, the pizza may look like your normal thin, flimsy frozen pizza. However, when biting into it, something magical happens. The crust is buttery and crispy, the cheese pulls apart powerfully, and the sauce is thin and full of flavor.

Of course, you can only get this pizza at a Kroger store. That makes its accessibility a bit worse than other brands on this list, but it's still definitely worth a purchase if you have the means to pick up a box.

6. Etalia

Etalia's gluten-free frozen pizzas are a complicated product. On one hand, they are among the best-tasting products on our ranking; on the other hand, they are ridiculously expensive and only available in-store at Whole Foods Market and Natural Grocers. It's the biggest pizza on our list, coming in at 20 ounces, but paying nearly $20 for a pizza you can get elsewhere for cheaper is a hard truth to overlook. Not to mention, Etalia's gluten-free frozen pizza is only available in margherita. The brand does sell a gluten-free plain crust you can buy and customize on your own, but that eliminates the convenience factor. 

Reviews online have been very favorable for Etalia. One reviewer wrote that "Etalia lives up to the hype. These pizzas are delicious. It's an added bonus." Another customer said the "pizza taste and texture was exactly like real pizza. I am in love!" It's clear that those who can afford Etalia regularly are big fans, and that cannot be undervalued. One reviewer noted that it's the best gluten-free pizza, but they "wish we could afford it regularly." 

If you have the means to buy an Etalia frozen pizza, take a chance on it! You will be welcomed by a universe of rich, plentiful taste. It may be hard to make it a recurring staple in your diet, but it'll taste delicious when it appears.

5. Caulipower

The name doesn't lie: Caulipower is one of the best cauliflower crust options you can buy. Caulipower comes in six flavors: cheese lovers, margherita, uncured pepperoni, Buffalo-style chicken, BBQ recipe chicken, and white pizza. As the brand's slogan proclaims, Caulipower is "America's #1 Cauliflower Crust" and backs it up with a delicious product.

For less than $10 a pizza, it's one of the cheaper options, too, which only elevates its place in our rankings. Like Banza, you can buy it at Walmart and Target, making it one of the most accessible pizzas available.

Customers love Caulipower, too. The uncured pepperoni option has a 4.6/5 rating on Walmart's website, and one reviewer was "shocked at how great this pizza was" and proclaims it to be "better tasting than most other frozen pizzas." Another reviewer noted that Caulipower is a great pizza for selective eaters, calling it a "gateway to veggies for picky kids." 

4. Freschetta

Freschetta gluten-free pizza is available in pepperoni, margherita, and cheese options. When it comes to flavor and price, Freschetta ranks high among the heavyweights.

You can purchase Freschetta pizza at many grocery stores, and they run between $10-15 typically. The price matches other pizzas that are 15 ounces or larger. Freschetta gluten-fee pizza has a thin-crust option that delivers on taste. All of the ingredients come together to form a delicious concoction of gluten-free goodness.

One reviewer claims Freschetta is "perfect if you want to have a gluten free pizza that tastes like a normal good pizza" and praised how quickly it bakes. Another reviewer celebrated the ingredients, saying that "the cheeses on the pizza were great, smelled good and melted as cheese should do." 

If cooked on a pizza stone, Freschetta can be the perfect, crispy pizza, but you have to have the right tools to make it sing. That's why it fails to crack the top three of our ranking, as it can be hit-or-miss.

3. Sonoma Flatbreads

Sonoma Flatbreads pizza is one of the most delicious gluten-free frozen pizzas available. The brand's pizza is available in three varieties: uncured pepperoni, supreme, and four cheese. Each of them are fantastic and the thin-crust the company uses is perfectly crispy.

What also sets Sonoma above the rest is its sauce; it's not too thick but full of rich flavor. While some frozen pizza sauces flirt with being glorified marinara sauces, Sonoma's is some of the best. It's also an affordable brand; for under $10 you can get an 11-ounce pizza.

Reviews for Sonoma are pretty favorable, too. One reviewer said, "The crust is unbeatable and the flavor is a tad spicy, but not in a heat way! I recommend this to anyone who is gluten-free as the best gluten-free pizza out there!" Another customer said, "If you like thin crust you'll love this [...] you would not know this is GF."

2. Against the Grain

If Against the Grain pizza was available in more stores across America, it would be the top entry on our list. The company is one of the top gluten-free brands on shelves today, as it makes some of the best baguettes and dinner rolls, too.

The Against the Grain frozen pizzas, which you can get in either pepperoni or four cheese, are immaculate, to say the least. The fact that their presence in grocery stores is so elusive only adds to the mystique. Out of all of the pizzas we've ranked so far, Against the Grain's crust is the best by far. It's fluffy, flaking, and has a good, crispy bite to it, as if an employee at your local pizza chain basted a delicious butter blend on the outer rim of the crust. The sauce is much like Sonoma's, in that it has a very delightful richness that isn't overpowered by a distracting thickness. 

A pizza from Against the Grain is just over $10 each. If you can find a box at your local grocery store, don't waste the opportunity to dive head-first into its kaleidoscope of taste.

1. Udi's

It should be no surprise that the best gluten-free pizza comes from one of the best gluten-free brands in American grocery stores. Udi's has perfected its craft, making everything from dinner rolls to hamburger buns to chocolate muffins to mac 'n' cheese. But the brand's best product is, by a wide margin, its frozen pizza, which you can get in four styles: uncured pepperoni, four cheese, margherita, and supreme.

Udi's has a niche and it runs with it: Good, big, and delicious thin-crust, gluten-free pizzas that taste better than many regular pizzas. You can get one Udi's pizza for just over $10, and it's a similar size to Freschetta and Sonoma, so you're getting a lot of great taste for your money.

Udi's pizzas are available at many grocery stores and are one of the most in-demand, gluten-free pizzas around. Given how accessible, delicious, and affordable Udi's pizzas pies are, they are unequivocally the best frozen pizza you can buy.