Dunkin' Canned Iced Coffee Takes On 3 New Donut And Muffin Flavors

It's no surprise that Dunkin' is one of the largest coffee chains in the United States, with over 8,500 locations across 41 states. The chain serves up breakfast essentials like coffee, donuts, and breakfast sandwiches, but stopping by your local Dunkin' every day can add extra minutes to your morning commute that you may not have. Furthermore, the extra charges to your bank account could add up quickly. Fortunately, the coffee chain has a few at-home options that helps you save money and time — while still getting your Dunkin' fix.

In early 2017, Dunkin' partnered with the Coca-Cola Company to produce pre-made bottles of coffee. The chain currently manufactures individual-sized bottled iced coffee in French Vanilla, Original, and Mocha flavors, as well as 40-ounce bottles for easy pouring at home in caramel and butter pecan flavors.

Now, the coffee chain is expanding its on-the-go offerings with a few new, sweet drinks. Dunkin's newest canned coffee beverages are taking inspiration from some of the chain's beloved bakery treats.

Satisfy your sweet tooth with these new drinks

Dunkin' just announced the release of three new canned coffee drinks, flavored to mimic some of its beloved café treats. These drinks will be the first in the Dunkin' Iced Coffee Bakery Series lineup.

The Brownie Batter Donut drink features a smooth, chocolatey taste. The release will likely excite the fans who look forward to enjoying the seasonal drink each spring. Prior to the announcement, one Twitter user wrote, "petition for Dunkin to have brownie batter all year round." Chances are, they weren't the only Dunkin' lover wishing for this.

The Cake Batter Donut drink features a sweet, vanilla cake-like taste, sure to delight fans who crave a little extra sugar in the mornings. This drink, too, is a seasonal offering at the coffee chain. "Dunkin Donuts got rid of the cake batter latte and I am fuming," reads a September 2022 Twitter post. Hopefully, this drink can put those flames out.

Finally, the Coffee Cake Muffin drink focuses more on the cinnamon flavor, adding a sweet spice to your morning cup of joe. All three drinks will be sold in 11-ounce cans, and are now available in participating grocery and convenience retailers nationwide.