It Turns Out Everyone Was Wrong: KFC Is Not Getting Rid Of Popcorn Chicken

February 14, 2023 — a day meant for love turned into a day filled with sorrow. Sure you remember the moment, you paused eating that V-Day chocolate to look at your phone and found that Fox 8 had made a harrowing report. One of the globe's biggest restaurant chains, KFC, revealed it's consolidating its finger-lickin' good menu in an effort to turn its kitchen into a well-oiled and fast chicken-cooking machine. 

According to Fox 8, the menu item victims include Kentucky Fried Chicken Wings, chocolate chip cookies, strawberry lemonade, and Nashville Hot Sauce. And sure, you're sad to see them go, but when you realized popcorn chicken was among the list of the soon-to-be fast food fallen, you felt, rightfully so, distressed. After all, what would become of KFC's popcorn-chicken-infused Famous Bowls?

Several outlets, like The Scioto Post, followed up and confirmed Fox 8's report that you could kiss KFC's popcorn chicken goodbye. The Takeout even took it upon itself to honor the life and impending death of the menu item by writing "RIP, Popcorn Chicken." But don't get that funeral gear out just yet. Instead, get ready to sigh a breath of relief. As it turns out, that popcorn chicken isn't going anywhere.

KFC's popcorn chicken will live on, but the combo won't

Per USA Today, KFC's Popcorn Chicken Combo, not its popcorn chicken, is the item flying the coop. In fact, the menu item, which likely involved pairing the entree with a biscuit, side, and drink, may have already left, because it seems customers can no longer order the item online. However, the director of KFC, Brittany Wilson, reported that while the popcorn chicken combo is set to retire from the menu, fans will still be able to order its popcorn chicken-filled Famous Bowls. (Indeed, in a statement sent to Tasting Table, a KFC spokesperson confirmed that popcorn chicken will still be available to order as a standalone item, but only at certain locations.)

While KFC's Popcorn Chicken Combos are no longer available, there seems to be no official date for when its list of soon-to-be-discontinued products will disappear for good. The chain noted the items will likely last as long as their supplies do. However, while many eats are making their way off the menu, KFC reports some new ones are ready to take their places. In fact, according to the chain, it's already testing out two sandwich varieties, Ultimate BBQ and Spicy Slaw. And now that you know its popcorn chicken is safe, you'll be able to fully enjoy the items KFC plans to debut.

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