Domino's Sold 2 Million Pizzas During Super Bowl 2023

While the Kansas City Chiefs prevailed on the field during Super Bowl LVII, Domino's reaped big sales on the second-biggest food holiday of the year. With more than 60 years of stretching that dough into favorite pies, one of the world's most popular pizza companies appreciates that single-day sales can be a huge boost to the bottom line. 

In a Feb. 13 CNBC interview, Domino's CEO Russell Weiner shared that about 2 million pizzas were sold during the Big Game. Although the business leader didn't share the specific reasoning for the ordering spike, online ordering convenience, menu deals, and overall food popularity appear to be reasonable assumptions for all the orders.

Given that food costs continue to influence buying decisions, Domino's believes that its ability to leverage its supplier relationships and online ordering system can help to keep pricing reasonable. While there is a recognizable difference between online prices and other ordering options, the click and go method allows the pizza company to better capture ordering patterns, which in turn can maintain attractive pricing. Although Super Bowl 2023 saw significant ordering, it appears that the company hopes to use that data to better create better customer experiences. In the highly competitive pizza market, any advantage can help Domino's score a win beyond the one-day eating extravaganza.

Domino's bet on more than just pizza for Super Bowl 2023

While pizza has always been a popular choice for Super Bowl parties, Domino's looked to the big food event as a way to slice off a bigger conversation. Ahead of the event, the largest pizza company in the world launched its new Loaded Tots. Although some social media comments wished that the brand had added a stuffed crust pizza, the company hoped that the side dish would be a complement to pies on the table. Available in three flavors, the snackable menu item appeared to expand its Mix and Match deal options, which continues to be a value saver for consumers.

Although menu bundles can be a purchase driver, Domino's has leveraged other promotions to keep costs in check. For example, it entices consumers to pick up their pizza for a price reduction. Given that continued labor issues have contributed to delivery driver shortages, this promotion seems to be one way to address customer satisfaction. 

As the company can better predict how, what, why, and when guests order pizza through its app, consumers can hope that savings will continue to be passed along to their bottom line. With Pi(e) Day around the corner, pizza fans will be hungry to see what new slice of savings will be served.