Improve The 'Mouthfeel' Of Girl Scout Cookies With Your Refrigerator

It's that time of year again: Cookie lovers everywhere are looking for Girl Scout connections to get their hands on their favorite Girl Scout cookies. Chances are, those boxes of Girl Scout cookies you bought won't be around for long (because, of course, you'll scarf them down as soon as possible), but before you do, you should know that there's an easy way to make them taste even better (per Food Network).

You might not think that's possible — do Girl Scout cookies even have room for improvement? It turns out that they do, and the method that'll make those flavors pop is worth trying. The key to a standout box of Girl Scout cookies is changing how the cookies feel in your mouth. Thankfully, it doesn't take much culinary skill to pull every bit of flavor out of a box of Girl Scout cookies. With this simple trick, your Thin Mints and Samoas will have never tasted better (via Food Network).

How to bring out the flavors of your favorite Girl Scout cookies

Once you score those boxes of cookies, you might be tempted to pop them in the pantry immediately. Of course, the pantry is the logical place to store any boxed cookie, but instead of leaving them in your room-temperature pantry, try putting the Girl Scout cookies in your much cooler refrigerator.

How does refrigerating Girl Scout cookies improve their taste? It makes them crunchier and can enhance their flavors (per Food Network). Although this trick works with nearly any type of Girl Scout cookie, refrigerated Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and Samoas are incredibly delicious. The peanut butter in your Tagalongs will be firmer, and the flavors will be more pronounced. If you're a coconut fan, you'll love cold Samoas because refrigeration will bring out the coconut flavor and make the caramel firmer, which will definitely satisfy your cookie cravings. And for anyone who loves that mint tastes cool (per Northcutt Dental), it's probably not a big surprise that actually cooling down Thin Mints will make them taste even more delightfully minty and crisp them up a bit as well.

Another way to make your Girl Scout cookies taste even better

One of the easiest ways to take your Girl Scout cookie-eating experience up a notch is to level up that refrigeration hack — freeze your cookies for the best flavor (via Food Network). If you're thinking of freezing your cookies, check the use-by or freeze-by date on the box, and if you have any uneaten cookies at that point, put them in the freezer. (Of course, you can also do this before then, which is a better choice if you tend to run out of Girl Scout cookies quickly).

Freezing Girl Scout cookies will not only help them keep for several more months, but it'll also bring out your favorite cookie flavors more clearly than if you choose to keep them in the refrigerator (per The Whole Portion). When you choose to eat the Girl Scout cookies, you can decide whether to keep them frozen or thaw them. Whether you keep your Thin Mints frozen to maximize that crunchy texture or thaw your Samoas so that they still have that nostalgic flavor, you really can't go wrong. The best part? You can still snack on Girl Scout cookies well into the summer, which sounds like a win.