Girl Scout Cookies' New Raspberry Rally Promises To Bring Thin Mints Vibes

Girl Scout Cookies have been sold since 1917, and fans eagerly await their return each year. Though there are quite a few beloved classic flavors, including Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and Trefoils, new flavors have been introduced over the years, too.

In 2022, Girl Scouts announced the release of Adventurefuls: a brownie-flavored cookie with a caramel crème center, finished with a sprinkling of sea salt. And in 2019, the caramel chocolate chip cookie, the brand's second gluten-free option, joined the lineup. This Girl Scout cookie flavor starts with a sugar cookie base and includes semi-sweet chocolate chips, caramel chips, and sea salt blended into the batter.

There are currently 13 different Girl Scout Cookie flavors available. (Some may not be available in all regions, and others go by different names depending on location.) This year, Girl Scouts is offering an all-new cookie variety, and it's reminiscent of another fan-favorite option.

Thin Mint fans will want to try the new fruity flavor

The Girl Scouts are introducing a new flavor of cookie in 2023, reports People. The new Raspberry Rally cookies are a "sister cookie" to Thin Mints. 

While the original Thin Mint flavor features a chocolate cookie coated in a mint chocolate coating, the Raspberry Rally swaps that for a raspberry-infused cookie inside a plain chocolate covering. Thin Mints are Girl Scout Cookies' top-selling flavor, according to USA Today.

If you want to try the Raspberry Rally cookies, you'll need to order a box from the Girl Scout website. While the majority of Girl Scout cookie flavors can be purchased both in-person and online, the Raspberry Rally will be the first online-exclusive cookie. The organization hopes that this will allow Girl Scouts to learn e-commerce skills and enhance their financial literacy. Online Girl Scout cookie sales will open February 27.