Starbucks Has Finally Responded To The $4,000 Tipping Fiasco

One of the most oft-repeated financial tips in modern society centers around making your morning cup of joe at home as the cost of a daily latte habit will eventually add up — and that total tab can be considerable. Buying a single Starbucks drink a day for one month could set you back well over $100. Nevertheless, countless folks line up every day for their sacred Starbucks. In fact, Statista tells us that the company made over $26 billion in 2022 alone.

If you simply must go to the popular coffee chain but still worry about overspending, there are a number of hacks to save money at Starbucks. But no amount of financial savvy could have helped the O'Dells, an unsuspecting Oklahoma couple, who found themselves trapped in a rather tough situation due to an accidental error on the half of the franchise. The couple's daily coffee run turned into a prolonged ordeal that is still ongoing.

Two cups of coffee and a terrifyingly large tip

According to NBC News, the O'Dells have been stopping at Starbucks a few times a week for well over a decade. Jesse O'Dell gets an Iced Americano, while his wife Deedee orders a Caramel Frappuccino. If Deedee opts to add an extra shot of espresso to her beverage, the couple's order costs just under $11. However, a few days after the O'Dells hit up Starbucks on January 7th, the couple was shocked to discover that their usual $10 tab included a $4,444 gratuity.

When the O'Dells found the accidental charge, they immediately reached out to the coffee company. Per Fox23, Starbucks sent the couple a pair of checks, which were meant to recuperate the financial damage, but the O'Dells' bank eventually informed them that the checks had bounced. A Starbucks representative speaking with Fox23 explains that the situation has since been resolved. Unfortunately, a refund cannot make up for the fact that the O'Dells had to cancel their long-awaited, non-refundable family trip to Deedee's birth country, Thailand, as a result of the charge.

This is not the first time in recent memory that Starbucks has attracted criticism for a story related to the franchise's tipping practices. Starbucks' new tipping system is coming under heavy fire, as some consumers find that the company's new digital tipping percentage prompts, which are thrust in your face when paying with a credit card, and have become near-ubiquitous in the service industry, are exploitative.