Guy Fieri's Top Tip For Making Game Day Vegan Sliders - Exclusive

"If you're going to have a chance to have such an amazing sporting event, then you better back it up with a dynamite menu," Guy Fieri said to The Daily Meal — and he could not be more right. In an exclusive interview, the "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" host laid out his best vegan slider tips that will score you a touchdown with your friends on Super Bowl Sunday. According to a Gallup survey, nearly 23% of Americans eat less meat than they did the previous year, which means it's the perfect time to incorporate vegetarian and vegan appetizers into your party menus.

Fieri explained that soy chorizo is completely underutilized, most noticeably when contestants on "Guy's Grocery Games" grab the product (thinking it's pork chorizo) and later struggle with how to use it. The Spanish or Mexican chorizo — the difference being in the cooking or curing of the sausage meat — adds a delicious spicy kick to everything from sliders to nachos, and according to Fieri, the soy-based alternative has the same tasty flavor as the real thing. In fact, while giving us his best tips for game-day sliders, he recommended soy chorizo as an easy way to provide a vegan option for your party.

Soy chorizo doesn't get enough 'play'

Guy Fieri told The Daily Meal, "Chorizo doesn't get enough play. There's so much flavor inside of it, and it works well." When incorporating it into vegan sliders, all you have to do is cook up the soy chorizo and layer it onto the bun along with your other favorite ingredients. Basically, you'll cook it the same as you would with any other ground meat and sauté it until it's brown. (If it's your first time working with the meat alternative, we suggest doing a trial run beforehand, so that you know which seasonings — or lack thereof — you want to throw in ahead of time.)

In addition to the chorizo, Fieri advised that you always have "a good foundation" for your sliders because "quality ingredients will always prevail." If you are looking for a secondary vegan option, the Food Network star also suggested nachos, with the cheese concocted out of nutritional yeast, raw cashews, and vegetable stock. The Daily Meal even has our own vegan nacho recipe, so make sure to check it out before the big game!

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