Guy Fieri's Go-To Meat Choice For Unforgettable Game-Day Nachos - Exclusive

Super Bowl Sunday is nearly underway, with the Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles ready to battle it out on the field. But if we're being honest, all we truly care about is the game-day eats while the television plays in the background — and clearly, we're not the only ones excited about the food. Reader's Digest reported that 1.42 billion chicken wings were eaten during the Super Bowl in 2022, and that number doesn't even include all of the pizza, chips and dip, and sliders that are also filling up guests' plates.

But what's the most important appetizer of them all? To us, that means sheet pan nachos — so we turned to an expert for tips on how to get them just right for game day. In an exclusive interview, Guy Fieri told The Daily Meal exactly how to upgrade your nachos, and it all has to do with one ingredient that is often overlooked: chorizo. Not only are there two varieties of the sausage — Spanish chorizo and Mexican chorizo — but there is also a vegetarian alternative.

Chorizo is underutilized

According to Epicurious, chorizo is a sausage that is made of ground pork and includes plenty of seasonings. Spanish chorizo is often smoked, while Mexican chorizo is identified as fresh, uncooked pork. The ingredient can be easily poured on top of nachos, along with any other toppings you enjoy (shredded lettuce, cotija cheese, grilled corn, etc.). "One's cooked, one's not, or one's cured, one's not. One's cased — they both can be cased. But chorizo is completely underutilized," Guy Fieri told The Daily Meal. "There's so much flavor inside of it, and it works well."

If you are on a vegan diet, then soy chorizo may be a solid option for you to try a meat-free version of the traditional Mexican or Spanish sausage. Along with adding the chorizo to your nachos, Fieri also recommends making a homemade cheese sauce (which he calls "SMC" — super melted cheese) for an upgrade. The Food Network star claimed, "[When you] just melt cheese on stuff, once it starts to cool down a little bit, it gets a little bit chewy and tough. I want something creamy and luxurious — cheese sauce and chorizo and King's Hawaiian."

Learn more about King's Hawaiian's offerings on its website. Keep up with Guy Fieri's latest projects on his Instagram page.