The Most Nutritious Item On Costco's Food Court Menu Is Still A Great Deal

Costco isn't just a wholesale grocery club, it's an institution for those with memberships. Shoppers can look forward to a wide selection of essential grocery items and other goods and can even save a bit of money when buying home staples in bulk. CNET crunched the numbers and found that purchasing certain items can result in savings of over $1,000 annually.

However, that's not all the chain has to offer. There are several other reasons why consumers are obsessed with the Costco experience. For instance, the return policy provides a full refund for items customers don't absolutely love, provided they're not in an excepted category (like alcohol and electronics). Then there are the free samples, which allow shoppers to try goodies before they buy. And what trip to Costco would be complete without a stop at the food court? You can even find a few healthy items among the fried snacks and other treats.

Costco's Caesar salad won't set you back much green

Diving into the Costco food court menu in all its glory, Very Well Fit notes that while items like pizza and hot dogs are definitely tempting, they're not exactly paragons of nutrition. Accordingly, dietitian Barbie Cervoni recommends saving the unhealthier fare for the occasional special treat. Cervoni does offer a glowing assessment of one menu item, which is the chicken Caesar salad. When it comes to nutritional content, this cold salad contains 40 grams of fat and 650 calories. It also offers 40 grams of protein thanks to the portions of chicken. Keep in mind that the dressing increases the fat and sodium content, so Cervoni encourages shoppers to ask for it on the side. In the same respect, cut down on calories by forgoing croutons.

In addition to being good for your health, the Costco chicken Caesar salad is also easy on your wallet. Per Fast Food Menu Prices and Costco Menu, you'll pay just $3.99 for this wholesome meal. That's an unbeatable price when you consider the nutritional value of this item, in addition to the great taste the Costco food court is known for. Of course, there are many other tasty menu items available at this iconic food court, including some healthy and not-so-healthy selections.

More Costco food court magic

In addition to food court staples, Insider sheds some light on the less well-known items that can sate your appetite during an epic shopping excursion. While it's not always available on the menu, the grocery chain does offer an Al Pastor salad made with soy-based "meat," perfect for vegan and vegetarian shoppers. For any carnivores seeking a filling and quick meal, the turkey provolone sandwich is apparently just the thing. It's even got a ciabatta bun for a little extra culinary flair.

If you're more in the mood for a snack, an acai bowl is a wonderful selection. This fruity treat also comes with dried bananas, fresh blueberries, and granola for an added nutritional boost. And if you're in the mood to treat yourself, you can try the vanilla frozen yogurt and churro concoction. While it may not be something that you indulge in on every single Costco trip, there's no question that the bulk grocer's food court offers a number of tasty goodies perfect for rewarding yourself, whatever the occasion.

You can even combine items to make your own custom dishes. According to SFGATE, some shoppers have taken to sliding the company's famous hot dogs inside its savory chicken bake pastries and labeling the creation "The Forbidden Glizzy."