Shake Shack Is Getting Fancy With Some Limited Time White Truffle Items

Shake Shack loves to shake things up with its menu and has offered a variety of limited-edition foods throughout the years. The chain has previously offered a Hot Honey chicken menu, an Avocado Bacon Burger, and even partnered with "Games of Thrones" to celebrate the show's final season.

Back in October 2021, Shake Shack featured a limited run of black truffle-themed foods. Customers could order a Black Truffle Burger or Parmesan Garlic Fries with Black Truffle Sauce, and each item was made with Spanish black truffles.

Now, Shake Shack is using a different kind of truffle for its new menu, per Food & Wine. White truffle mushrooms are reportedly rare and more difficult to find than their black counterpart. They grow mainly in Northern Italy and only grow for a few months each year. Though these truffles are hard to find, they'll soon be landing at your local Shake Shack.

The exclusive menu items won't stick around for long

Shake Shack is upping the elegance factor of its menu. According to Food & Wine, Shake Shack will be selling three new menu items that include white truffle mushrooms for a limited time.

The White Truffle Burger incorporates the mushrooms into two different aspects. The burger patty will be topped with fontina cheese, white truffle sauce, white truffle oil, and sweet, crispy onions. If you follow a plant-based diet or are just a mushroom fanatic, the White Truffle 'Shroom Burger melts muenster and cheddar cheese on a fried portobello mushroom and tops the burger with white truffle sauce. The burgers start at $8.99. If you're craving something a little smaller to taste-test the truffle sauce before you commit to a whole burger, Shake Shack will also be selling parmesan-dusted fries with a side of white truffle sauce for $4.69.

Shake Shack fans can get early access to these orders in the fast-food chain's app beginning February 8. These items will only be available for a limited time.