The McDonald's UK Vegan Meal You Should Avoid (And What To Order Instead)

Depending on where you are in the world, fast-food menus can look a little different. There are even some exclusive international menu items — like the McDonald's McSpaghetti in the Philippines, or the Donut Whopper from Israel Burger King locations, via TheRecipe. While you may not be able to try these foods in person without traveling abroad, it can be fun to learn about these interesting menu items and compare them to what you typically get at home.

Luckily for those with curious minds, there is an internet show entirely dedicated to comparing international foods. Harry Kersh is one of the co-hosts of "Food Wars" on the Insider Food YouTube channel, and calls himself a "fast food expert." In "Food Wars," Kersh often discusses British fast foods, providing his honest opinions and reviews of them compared to foods from other countries around the world. When it comes to one McDonald's vegan menu item, Kersh recommends staying away altogether.

You might want to pass up this item

While folks who follow a vegetarian diet may be excited at the prospect of ordering some plant-based fast food in the U.K., one Insider article recommends thinking twice. McDonald's U.K. added Veggie Dippers — made from red pepper, rice, tomato pesto, and split peas, then breaded and fried — to its menu in January 2020.

Harry Kersh of Insider noted that he thinks it is important for McDonald's to offer some plant-based options, but this particular item falls flat. He notes that the flavor is under-seasoned, and the feel is "mushy." Kersh says that he personally does not think they are even worth ordering — but he does say that the taste of the Veggie Dippers was improved by the addition of McDonald's curry sauce.

Still, Kersh suggests staying away from the Veggie Dippers entirely. Instead, he recommends the McPlant: a vegan burger developed with Beyond Meat, topped with vegan sauces, vegan cheese, onions, pickles, lettuce, and tomato on a sesame seed bun.

Will McDonald's offer plant-based options in America?

According to VegNews, each McPlant burger served in the U.K. and Ireland is cooked on a separate, vegetarian-designated grill with different utensils, ensuring there is no cross-contamination between the vegan patties and natural meat patties. It is certified vegan, and reportedly "wildly successful" in the United Kingdom — the chain now offers a Double McPlant at some locations, via VegNews. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like that popularity carried over to U.S. customers.

While the McPlant burger is a permanent addition to the McDonald's U.K. menu, the fast-food chain previously tested it out in select Texas and California restaurants for a limited time, according to its website. McDonald's ended the program six months after its launch, and CNBC reports that there are currently no plans to add it to the U.S. menu permanently.

Though the McPlant may not be making its way to U.S. menus just yet, there is always the potential for future plant-based menu additions, thanks to international success.