How To Avoid Overcooking Sausage, According To Guy Fieri - Exclusive

Have you ever burned your meal because you forgot it was on the stove? We have too. We regular folks can't exactly claim to be Food Network stars, so it's perfectly reasonable to have some kitchen mishaps now and again. How do you avoid those mishaps, you ask? Well, Guy Fieri may have the magical answer you're looking for.

During an exclusive interview, The Daily Meal spoke with the mayor of Flavortown to gauge his thoughts on appetizers for the upcoming Super Bowl, including his favorite sliders and possible vegan substitutes. Fieri's beer-braised bratwurst on pretzel slider buns recipe with King's Hawaiian sounds delicious, but it's easy to overcook a sausage like bratwurst. The meat should be turned often and will only take about 20 minutes on the grill (via Charbroil). That's why Fieri advises that you watch what you are doing in the kitchen — especially on the most anticipated game day of the year.

Just pay attention

According to MasterClass, bratwurst is a type of German sausage that is normally a combination of pork and veal. "We did make the beer bratwurst, and ... there is an ability to overcook them," Guy Fieri told the Daily Meal. "People don't get this — you sit there and overcook them. You liquefy the fat side of the sausage, the fat starts to come out, and now you've got this dry sausage."

The "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" host explained that the solution is simply paying attention. Fieri described that "cooking is not a part-time sport," as you should always be on top of the stove, putting your phone away, and tasting as you go. The restauranter also recommended not to be TikToking while simultaneously cooking, but we make no promises on that front. 

Apparently, poking bratwurst while it's cooking is a big no-no, as it can release the juices easily (via Taste of Home). Make sure the meat thermometer reads 160 degrees before taking it off the grill — with tongs — and you should be ready for eating! 

Learn more about King's Hawaiian's offerings on its website. Keep up with Guy Fieri's latest projects on his Instagram page.