The Recently Viral Waffle House Waffle Sandwich Costs A Pretty Penny

After years of going viral for the sometimes WWE-level brawls that tend to break out in its locations, Waffle House has recently been trending on TikTok for a non-fight and all-food-related reason — and you probably already know where we're going with this. First posted by user shantellxoxo, the Waffle House waffle sandwich is a breakfast food monster of a meal hack. According to a follow-up video posted by OP, this viral eat is essentially a Texas bacon cheesesteak melt sandwiched between two waffles instead of Texas toast. And if waffles piled high with eggs, grilled onion, and cheesesteak isn't enough food for you, per Waffle House, chantellxoxo also reported foodies could customize the waffle sandwich with their choice of extra add-ins.

In the original video, OP told viewers they haven't ever had anything like the waffle sandwich before, but everyone watching was apparently eager to remedy that. The TikTik now has over 900,000 likes and 158,000 saves and Today reports that Waffle House locations across the country are being flooded with waffle sandwich orders. But although the Krazy Koupon Lady reports everything on the chain's famed breakfast menu is under $15, one Waffle House employee revealed that trying this off-menu hack may leave your stomach full but your wallet empty.

The Waffle House waffle sandwich costs more than anything on the chain's breakfast menu

When you finally hold the Waffle House waffle sandwich in your hands, you may wonder if you can really put a price on satisfying a social-media-inspired craving. According to a video by TikToker and Waffle House employee kaylawayla522, the answer is yes. After being bombarded with waffle sandwich orders on their shift, the TikToker could confidently report that you may have to spend a whopping $30 to get this off-menu item to-go. And even if you choose to sit down to order the TikTok menu hack, you could still be paying up to $20 for your meal.

However, the employee did note the waffle sandwich's cost will ultimately depend on the meat you choose to go with it. For example, one TikToker who tried the trend with the original Texas melt (which comes with sausage, eggs, and cheese according to the Daily Dot) reportedly spent $17 on their waffle sandwich. However, using the Texas bacon cheesesteak melt as your waffle sandwich's base like the hack's founder will cost more. But the hefty cost isn't the only reason you may want to stop yourself from giving in to the waffle sandwich trend.

Waffle House employees are sick of making the waffle sandwich

According to Today, while the waffle sandwich craze has only just gotten started, employees have made it clear they have already had enough of the hacked-out meal. As the outlet reports, some locations are taking matters into their own hands by invoking a waffle sandwich ban. In fact, many social media users report seeing signs at their local Waffle House that warn customers the employees will not make the hack. One sign reportedly stated, "We're not making nothing you've seen on TikTok." Another urged customers to, "Order from the menu." 

However, if you still want to try out the famed waffle sandwich and hope to both save your own money and prevent your local Waffle House employees' from getting a headache, many TikTokers report that you can always buy the ingredients yourself and make the TikTok breakfast combo at home. Or, as the Daily Dot breaks down, you can just order a regular Texas melt for a meager $4.65 or chow down on the original Texas bacon cheesesteak for a still reasonable $5.70.