The No. 1 Best Deal At Texas Roadhouse, According To TikTok

If you're craving steak, Texas Roadhouse has you covered. The restaurant first opened in Indiana in 1993, and its popularity helped it expand into a national chain. Its founder, Kent Taylor, never actually lived in Texas — he was just a big fan of Texas-style foods.

Today, the restaurant chain specializes in serving up affordably priced steaks, ribs, and sides to go along with them (and, of course, its buttery rolls as a starter, which have built of something of a cult following). The restaurant can be found in 49 U.S. states and operates over 600 locations nationwide, via ScrapeHero.

Most people want to make sure they're getting the full value out of their meals. Texas Roadhouse already offers pre-set menu combos, but if you're craving something else, you might find yourself paying a little extra. If you want to save some money and make sure you get the most out of your meal, this TikTok hack will help you get a little extra steak with your order.

This TikTok hack will get you a little extra food

TikTok user @aever17, also known as Ash, stitched a now-deleted video originally by former user @princessannafit, where the video prompt was "Tell me a company secret that you can share because you don't work there anymore."

In Ash's video, she shares that she used to work at Texas Roadhouse. She encourages viewers to order the filet medallions from the menu, which come with a choice of sauces — she recommends the mushroom sauce. Ash says the filet medallions entrée includes nine ounces of steak, whereas the regular menu only offers six or eight-ounce filet options.

She also notes that the filet medallions are cheaper than ordering a filet, and the medallions come served over rice or mashed potatoes. If neither of those is appealing, you are allowed to swap the rice or potatoes for a different menu side item. Ash concludes the video by saying "it's the best steak, you can't beat that."

Commenters were excited about the ordering hack

Some people in the comments of the video agreed with Ash's menu recommendation. One person who alluded to being a Texas Roadhouse waiter commented, "I tell everyone I serve at Roadhouse this hack. Every time someone orders an eight-ounce I tell them about the medallions." Another commenter praised the chain, saying, "Texas Roadhouse is a great company to work at and to dine at I was there for five years and miss it all the time."

TikTok is apparently enjoying the trick — one commenter wrote, "Girl this trick is working too well. I went and they were out of medallions." Ash was apparently happy to share the hack regarding her former employer, and she even replied to one comment where someone shared their love of the restaurant, saying that Texas Roadhouse was "one of the few places I worked that I will still eat at!"

If you're a fan of the Texas Roadhouse filet steak, try out this trick during your next meal to get the most bang for your buck.