Elevate Breakfast By Roasting Fruit In Your Air Fryer

While we all need to eat, the reality is, we might just be too busy to sit down to a delicious and healthy breakfast every morning. Sure, the idea of a homemade dutch baby or baked oatmeal might excite your taste buds, but breakfast on the go is a necessity for some Americans. Those of us who feel rushed in the morning may even be tempted to skip the first meal of the day, but according to one clinical instructor in nutrition at the University of Delaware, Sharon Collison, those who regularly consume breakfast often have a better handle on proper nutrition and rely on snacks less than those who don't (via TIME).

 If you're someone who feels rushed in the morning, you could opt for one of Good Housekeeping's quick breakfast ideas like lemon-almond poppyseed muffins or a yogurt bowl with fruit. While one 2021 study showcases how most of us choose the same breakfast every day, there is a quick way to take your usual morning dose of fruit to another level in terms of flavor and texture. Whether you choose fruit on toast or in a cup with cottage cheese, your air fryer can do wonders for mother nature's candy.

Add roasted fruit from your air fryer for a new spin on your morning meal

We can all attest to the monotony of a boring weekly breakfast routine at times, however, there are some surefire ways to add back some excitement. Among meticulous meal planning and indulging in a rich cinnamon roll now and then, FN Dish suggests adding new elements to your tried and true favorites. If you're looking for a new way to enjoy that early morning slice of toast, your air fryer may be the only tool you need for a delicious change. BBC Science Focus claims air fryers work through a mixture of radiation and convection, pushing hot air around your food as it cooks.

If you typically enjoy a Greek yogurt bowl or toast with fruit, you may want to try roasting your fruit of choice in your air fryer for a nice alternative and America's Test Kitchen provides a recipe for you to enhance your entire breakfast in a snap. To make almond butter toast with roasted fruit, simply spread a piece of bread with nut butter, top with chopped fruit, and place in a 400-degree air fryer for up to 10 minutes until the fruit appears slightly caramelized. Then simply add a drizzle of honey and you're left with a new twist on an old classic. If you happen to have some extra time, your air fryer has the capability of transforming more of your favorite breakfast dishes.

Liven up your breakfast favorites with your trusted air fryer

If you'd rather have dried fruit in your yogurt bowl instead of roasted, did you know you can also make DIY dried fruit right in your air fryer? Los Angeles-based personal chef, Jaclyn Huff claims by turning your air fryer down to roughly 125 degrees, you can slowly remove excess moisture from your favorite fruits and enjoy them in a variety of ways when slow-cooked for hours at a time (via Well + Good). Out of all the fruits you can choose from, Huff suggests strawberries, apricots, apples, and lemons produce some of the best results.

For those of you who enjoy a more savory breakfast, chef Meredith Laurence told Insider "there's no tidier way to cook bacon than in an air fryer." Air fryers not only contain the splatter of hot grease, but you can either cook your bacon strips on a designated tray or wire rack for extra crunch. The Rachael Ray Show also features air fryer frittata cups: an easy-to-assemble breakfast that can be made with a variety of mix-ins and also made in advance. You can even make all the necessary components of Food Network's air fryer breakfast tacos with a few silicone ice cube molds. When it comes down to upgrading your favorite breakfast dishes, never underestimate the many ways your air-fryer can transform or conveniently master your favorite breakfast foods.