Maui's Best 14 Spots To Eat If You're Vegan

The Hawaiian island of Maui has some of the best food options in the entire state due to its rich and complex history.  According to Sail Maui, almost 2 million visitors come to Maui each year, cementing tourism as the community's main industry. It is said that expert fisherman Hawai'iola first found the island and gave it the name of his son, Maui, a famous demigod. After his rule, the island passed to other Hawaiian kings and into the hands of conquerors from Tahiti. It was then eventually colonized by the French and British, before ending up as an American territory, and finally, a state.  

The culinary traditions of this mix of rulers and cultures run deep, as the island has some of the most delicious foods from all around the world. Luckily for vegans, traditional Hawaiian cuisine of coconut, fresh fruit, and delicious rice dishes still takes the forefront. For vegans, diners that avoid meat and other animal byproducts like eggs and milk, this food culture makes for some spectacular meals. Whether you are a local to the island or heading to Maui for a vacation, there are tons of plant-based food options that are satisfying and flavorful. These are some of our favorite spots. Some are entirely vegan, while others simply offer delicious  — and plentiful  — vegan options.

1. Coconut Caboose

With a name as fun as Coconut Caboose, you know you are in for a good time when stopping by. If you want to eat vegan on Maui, this food truck has plenty of delicious options for you. The truck's menu explains that the food is actually not only vegan, but raw, non-GMO, and safe for celiacs to enjoy, too. There are also no nuts used on site, so if you or anyone in your party has an allergy, you can feel more safe eating here.  

If you are looking for classic Hawaiian fare, you should start off with an entire coconut in the texture of your choice. Consider a coconut icee, gelato, coffee, or just the fruit on its own. All items are served inside a coconut shell. For something to munch on, you can add a piece of vegan chocolate coconut candy or savory coconut jerky. Fans of the Caboose can't stop raving about how delicious the food on offer is, but also the friendly service from the staff. It's the perfect place for a refreshing afternoon pick-me-up.

2. Coconut Glen's

If you have a sweet tooth for vegan treats, Coconut Glen's is a can't-miss during your time on Maui. The business is not only entirely vegan but also places an emphasis on sustainable business practices by sourcing locally. Founder and owner Glen Simkins is a trained chef who used to work in restaurants around Europe. However, he found his true calling in life in the jungles of Maui and enjoys running his shop, considering it his life's passion. Glen claims, "It's impossible to be in a bad mood and eat ice cream at the same time." 

Fans of the vegan dessert seem to agree. Reviewers of the spot say that eating here is a very "unique experience." It's also recommended to stop by earlier in the day for the best choice of flavors. Because the ice cream is all made on-site, it is possible that there could be fewer options available if you arrive in the afternoon. That said, most fans seem to agree, it's worth the stop either way.

3. Maui Garden Grove Cafe

Fans of the Maui Garden Grove Cafe just can't get enough, even leaving reviews saying the staff is so friendly that they were of great assistance during major car trouble. The all-vegan cafe offers both sweet and savory options for diners to enjoy. The local spot's menu includes a delicious Hawaiian curry of pineapple, vegetables, and garlic seasoning served over rice and topped off with coconut shavings. If that isn't your thing, consider the Hawaiian chili with sweet mango, tomatoes, and peppers also served over rice. You can add a piece of garlic naan for just $1 if you are still feeling a little peckish. 

If you aren't full after your main course, consider digging into a vegan fruit smoothie or fresh fruit juice to top it all off. The food truck sits on the island's iconic North Shore and is open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week. It's a great place to stop off for a quick bite, and even though the cafe is a food truck, it is in a permanent location, so there are plenty of places to sit and eat.

4. A'A Roots

This cafe is entirely vegan and its menu focuses on fresh, healthy options. In business since 2017, A'A Roots uses local ingredients to create delicious options. Even your non-vegan friends will be talking their meals about for days. If you feel that it's hard to find filling vegan fare, reviewers say that this isn't an issue at all. Portions are generous, leaving diners more than satisfied at the end of their visit. Not only that, but the food's overall presentation is gorgeous, so if you like to post a quick picture of your meal before eating it, you won't be disappointed. 

The set menu changes often, but favorites include avocado toast with tomato and edible flowers and a soba noodle bowl topped with edamame and colorful veggies. There's also a creamy Caesar salad for a healthy crunch and a tofu scramble breakfast burrito to fuel your island day. A'A Roots is conveniently located in Lahaina, making it the perfect stop for lunch on the way to a hike in the area. The cafe is only open for dinner on Friday nights, after a brief closing period to regroup after the afternoon rush.

5. Moku Roots

Moku Roots serves both vegetarian and vegan options. However, a quick look at the menu shows that vegans can enjoy any of the plates, bowls, salads, and even sides without asking for any substitutions at all. The cafe, located in Lahaina in the island's west, is proudly farm-to-table and even uses its own farm, Mala 'Akala, to source many of the ingredients. The coconut noodle bowl is bursting with the flavors of the island and is topped with a rainbow of veggies and flavorful lemongrass and cilantro crema. Or, try out the spot's famous veggie burger, a taro-based patty served on a bun with lettuce, tomato, and a unique and creamy macadamia nut aioli. 

Moku Roots is also very eco-friendly, as all sandwiches come in ti leaves tied up with twine instead of being wrapped in plastic. There are no plastic cups available either, instead, Moku Roots only provides customers with mason jars to drink from. Fans of the restaurant really enjoy its commitment to sustainability, even when it's a bit outside the box. Diners have commented that some items on the menu require actual dishes instead of coming wrapped up in leaves. Customers must place a small monetary deposit with the staff, which is refunded when they return the dishes after their meal. Other diners mention that in addition to the food, and overall atmosphere of the cafe, the drinks are delicious, naming the lavender lemonade and hibiscus mimosa as favorites. 

6. Tin Roof

Tin Roof isn't a vegan restaurant but is very popular locally. If you have non-vegans in your group, or just want to see what the hype is all about, it's a great choice as it caters to most dietary preferences. Reviewers note that Tin Roof is take-out only. However, if you don't want to eat at home, there are a few benches and tables out front for guests to use. The restaurant has thousands of positive reviews, with many mentioning that they thought the food at Tin Roof was so delicious they came back for more — even just during a short trip to the island. 

There are two main dishes available for vegans. The first is the kale salad, topped with sweet dried cranberries and sprinkled with crunchy Maui potato chips and crushed kim chee peanuts for a delightful texture. The second is the aptly named beet box, which is a flavorful mixture of roasted then flash-fried beets and carefully-curated side options. It's typically a vegetarian dish, but can be made vegan on request.

7. Hana Ranch Restaurant

The Hana Ranch Restaurant is a fan favorite on Maui. While not entirely vegan, it has plenty of vegan options that are clearly marked, so you don't have to worry about cross-contamination or going hungry. You can start off with a delicious helping of the crisp Kula Green Salad tossed in a flavorful herb-infused vinaigrette. Or fill up on the spot's Yoga Bowl, a stunning combination of satisfying quinoa and colorful veggies like roasted carrots and peppery radishes. For mains, dig into the Coconut Curry Stir Fry with crispy tofu and an assortment of vegetables. The warm and flavorful dish is served atop rice and features islandy notes of coconut and golden turmeric. All of these menu items are also gluten-free to accommodate more diners.

There is also plenty of coffee, tea, and cocktail options available for guests to enjoy with their meal. Fans of the restaurant praise its gorgeous sweeping views of the water, citing that sitting on the patio for a meal offers a great ambiance. The restaurant is a part of the local Hyatt Resort complex, but the dress code is still just casual, so you don't need to worry if you didn't pack anything too fancy. 

8. Maui Kombucha

If you'd like some health-focused refreshments while on the island, you have to stop into Maui Kombucha. The store has multiple locations around the island, so if you loved it and find yourself wanting to go again, you don't have to drive all the way back to enjoy another taste. The spot makes its own vegan caramel sauce and mac-nut milk, perfect to sweeten up a morning coffee. There's also an assortment of fresh-pressed juices and you can customize your own smoothie with the spot's assortment of plant-based ingredients. 

If you want to grab a bite to eat, you're in luck. Maui Kombucha boasts an entire menu of delicious, raw vegan options for you to explore. There are large salads with a fresh dressing made right there on-site, as well as Raw-Zagna, the cafe's version of lasagne. There's also a selection of raw and vegan desserts for the perfect ending to your meal. While the special changes every day, what doesn't change is that each option is 100% raw and 100% vegan. 

9. Rainbow Kitchen

Rainbow Kitchen is another one of those special vegan spots on Maui that we can hardly believe exists. It's a small food truck that's made a big mark on the island and locals love it. According to Happy Cow, even though the kitchen is a food truck, it doesn't move around, so you won't have to hunt it down. It's open every day from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, and 9:00 am to 3:00 pm on Sundays right in the same spot in Haiku.

Guests have left glowing reviews of Rainbow Kitchen. One visitor even says it was "some of the best plant-based food I've ever had." They also pointed out that the macro bowl with extra homemade seitan was amazing calling it, "one of the most delicious, layered, healthy, and craving-inducing meals I can remember." 

If you want to branch out, consider the meaty BBQ jackfruit sliders for a savory meal. There's also creamy macadamia nut-based mac and cheese and satisfying lentil tacos to try. Of course, everyone wants a sweet treat after an awesome meal, so the little yellow truck also serves vegan ice cream. 

10. Kamana Kitchen

Indian food is known for easily catering to both vegetarians and vegans. So, if you are on Maui and find yourself craving some spice, consider stopping into Kamana Kitchen. The restaurant's menu is easily divided into meat, vegetarian, and vegan sections, so if you are eating in a group with different dietary preferences, there will be something for everyone. Fans of the restaurant point out that it's an easy and delicious choice for those who avoid eating meat, especially if they want a fresh, delicious meal and to stay away from the fast food on the island.

When it is time to order, there are more than enough authentic Indian dishes to choose from that are also vegan. You can consider digging into a Baigan Bharta, which is delicious grilled eggplant mashed with onions, tomatoes, and fresh cilantro. There is also the classic Chana Masala, which is chickpeas simmered in aromatic spices. If you're a spud lover, try the Aloo Jeera, soft potatoes with cumin seeds, herbs, and spices. And, for a super satisfying option, there is a vegetable curry with plenty of lentils to fill you up.

11. Wailea Kitchen

Wailea Kitchen is another great option with some unique and innovative vegan options. The menu is vast and caters to a wide variety of different palettes. It does this while remaining local and sustainable. That is, according to the restaurant, over 90% of the food served on the island of Maui is not grown there. The culinary team at Wailea Kitchen doesn't use cream or butter so many menu items are already vegan or simple to tweak. 

When ordering, the crisp kitchen salad is bursting with fresh produce and can be made gluten-free and vegan, as noted on the menu. When you are ready for your main meal, you can dig into some vegan orange "chicken" which is made with soy curls and served up with vegetables and rice. There is also a vegan pasta alfredo, coated in a lush cashew cream spotted with mushrooms and capers. For an earthy option, the kitchen can prepare mushroom caps vegan upon request as well. If you want some dessert, because honestly who doesn't, consider the two options of vegan cheesecake available: Mango Orange Dream and Avocado Key Lime.

12. Sprout Vegan Cafe

If you're in the mood for some warm, filling comfort food on Maui, stop into Sprout Vegan Cafe. As the name would suggest, every single item on the extensive menu is entirely vegan, so you don't have to worry about making any substitutions. You can choose from imitation tuna salad, plant-based lox, and even a housemade burger patty if you're in the mood for a sandwich. However, if you are keen on a sushi roll, there are three options: a classic veggie roll, a Philly roll with faux salmon and cream cheese, or a tofu roll with a hit of spice. You can also choose from salads, wraps, and delicious bowls. If you have any other dietary requirements, like avoiding gluten, or an allergy to soy or nuts, the menu has each item clearly marked, so you know exactly what allergens everything might contain.

Since Maui is such a beautiful place, Sprout Vegan Cafe recognizes that not everyone would want to sit at the restaurant to eat. Instead, they might want to take their food to go and go off exploring the island. To make things easier, the cafe has put together a picnic option for two to four people. In addition to your meal, you get dishes, cutlery, a blanket to sit on, and a serving tray. The is a $150 deposit for the service, but it is refunded when you bring everything back.

13. Earth Aloha Eats

Whether you want some delicious "fish" tacos or an amazing Greek-inspired pita wrap, you should stop into Earth Aloha Eats. The restaurant is entirely vegan and features a wide variety of tasty options. There is even a kid's menu for the little ones who come along including a meatless nugget and french fry combo, perfect for young palettes. 

Diners can start out with refreshing homemade lemonade before digging into the Black Bean and Sweet Potato Burger, which features a house-made mayo infused with chipotle. The eatery also offers an assortment of tacos including Thai-inspired faux chicken ones and classic Mexican street tacos with vegan cheese. For dessert, consider the Snix Bar, which is the vegan answer to a smooth, creamy frozen Snickers. There's also Crème Brûlée, served in an adorable jar and topped with sticky sweet caramelized sugar.

Fans of the restaurant state that the friendly service matches the amazing, delicious menu. The food is made-to-order and you can really tell this is the case because it's warm and fresh. Others mention that each member of staff is very knowledgeable about the menu, so if you have any other food allergies or dietary requirements, they can help. You can walk away with a full belly, knowing you won't get sick later because you ate something you shouldn't have.