Where Is Bang Shack From Shark Tank Today?

When you host a party or family gathering, beyond offering a top-notch charcuterie board and fresh produce, you might also serve a few of your favorite snack dips alongside crunchy chips and crackers for your guests to enjoy. But beyond tried-and-true favorites like cheesy bacon dip and fiesta refried bean dip, how often do you see a tasty chicken dip recipe? 

To Florida natives Jason and Claudia Hadley, a zesty yet versatile chicken-based dip was a necessity for foodies nationwide. VoyageMIA explains that Hadley always had a passion for sales, but his one-of-a-kind chicken and cheese dip wasn't born until 2002 when he was asked to bring a potluck dish to a party. With the help of his wife, Claudia, Hadley started The Bang Shack in 2017 and began selling his top-notch dips to customers at local farmers markets.

The dips produced many sales and blossomed into two other varieties apart from the original chicken variety, including a zucchini-based vegetarian version and a vegan option made from cashews. But Hadley hoped for a solid investment to get his popular products off the ground in a bigger way. According to IMDb, in 2019, the budding entrepreneur headed to "Shark Tank" on Season 10, Episode 21, hoping for an investment from the popular on-screen investors.

What did the Sharks think of Bang Shack?

Sure you could always make a homemade buffalo chicken dip recipe. But sometimes, spending money on the next best thing pays off when you consider your clean kitchen and time saved. Jason Hadley provided a convenient option by pitching his famous chicken bang dip on "Shark Tank" in 2019. According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, during his pitch to the investors, Hadley pointed out that even though he had made $53,000 in 2017 and $88,000 in 2018 simply by allocating various slow cooker pots of his popular dip at the Florida-based Yellow Green Farmers Market over the years, he did forget to bring prototype jars of his product to further drive his pitch to the "Shark Tank" judges.

While most of the investors enjoyed the flavor of Bang Shack dips, they didn't believe Hadley was prepared enough to receive such a large sum of money. Shark Tank Recap describes how all of the judges appreciated Hadley's enthusiasm but they felt as though his business was too new and still in the initial stages of development and production to receive a large investment. 

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel confirms that the producers of "Shark Tank," along with investor Mark Cuban, advised Hadley to solidify a production facility to be asked back on the show. But with the strict USDA certification process in handling poultry, Hadley struggled to make the changes in a timely fashion. Hadley left "Shark Tank" with no investments in Bang Shack.

Where is Bang Shack now?

If you're one of those foodies continually on the hunt for the absolute best dip recipes for Super Bowl Sunday, you can now add Bang Shack dips to your list of options — as long as you live near Hollywood, Florida. While Hadley wasn't able to secure a deal with "Shark Tank" moguls in 2019, his business took an unexpected venture into the restaurant world in 2021. 

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel (via Yahoo! News), during the COVID-19 pandemic, Hadley found himself struggling financially with the ongoing closures of the busy Yellow Green farmers market where he usually sold his popular products. With a $50,000 grant from the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency in Florida, the small-town business owner was able to follow his dream of starting a restaurant business with Bang Shack dips at the forefront.

Their restaurant is currently up and running in Hollywood Florida, and according to TripAdvisor, apart from the solid reviews of Bang Shack dips, the interactions customers have had with business owner Jason Hadley have been nothing but positive. While the Bang Shack menu offers meals like grilled cheese, omelets, and breakfast bowls, if you're hoping to order one of the three featured dips that made their debut on "Shark Tank," they're only available for pickup, according to the Bank Shack website. Bang Shack continues to be active on social media outlets like Instagram, yet there has been no mention of Bang Shack products available for delivery nationwide.