Why Aren't You Already Buying These Foods From Aldi?

With rising grocery prices, inflation, and the increasing desire to eat healthier, you may be wondering about your options when it comes to grocery shopping. If you haven't checked out your local Aldi yet, now is the perfect time to see what's available. According to Aldi, the chain has stores in over 30 states across the United States, and the number of locations is only growing with each passing year.

Although Aldi has an interesting mix of home goods and other products to choose from, the majority of their shelves are filled with food products. Everything from gourmet cheese and wine to organic fruits and vegetables and top-quality meats are available, but what makes this store different from all the others?

Aldi is known for locally sourcing some products, keeping prices low, and offering a mix of not-so-common products such as gluten-free, vegan, and organic options and more, all of which are possible through the company's dedication to its exclusive brands. At Aldi you can find the quality of name brands without the cost that comes with them. However, it can still be overwhelming when you step inside for the first time. Here are just some of the foods worth buying at Aldi.

Organic produce, fresh or frozen

Organic produce is not always readily available in other grocery stores, and when it is, your options can be very limited. However, health-conscious buyers are looking for organic options more and more these days. According to the Mayo Clinic, organic produce typically contains lower levels of harmful toxins, such as pesticides and traces of metal. In addition, the nutrients and good fatty acids are often higher in organic options.

Aldi does a great job of stocking organic produce and keeping the varieties fresh and exciting. It's not uncommon for shoppers to find organic options such as bell peppers, fresh broccoli, carrots, celery, and mini cucumbers in the produce section. Your salads are also a breeze when you shop at Aldi because there are quite a few organic green mixes that can be transformed into a healthy, delicious salad with just a few small additions. Organic arugula and spinach mix and chopped kale are just two options if you'd like to spice up your lunches with a healthy salad.

In the frozen section, Aldi offers even more organic options to choose from. The Simply Nature brand offers frozen organic green beans, corn, broccoli florets, blueberries, and even organic butternut squash. These frozen options make an organic diet that much easier as they cut down on prep time and can be stored for much longer.

USDA Choice Black Angus Beef and Seasoned Pork Shoulder Roast for a hearty dinner

There are a least a few days when we're all craving a home-cooked meal and actually have the time to cook one. Aldi has options for those nights as well. In fact, you may even want to plan your next dinner party or holiday meal around these two unforgettable options.

One product you don't want to ignore is the USDA Choice Black Angus Beef Bottom Round Roast. The "USDA Choice" label indicates that each piece is set to a certain standard, according to the USDA. This particular type of meat is great for slow cooking and is generally in the middle range in terms of fat within the meat. This means you're getting a piece of meat that will be tender and flavorful; USDA Prime is slightly higher quality, and USDA Select is slightly lower. The black Angus beef at Aldi is the perfect centerpiece to a hearty, home-cooked meal or it can be sliced for delectable sandwiches.

Similarly, the Seasoned Pork Shoulder Roast is another great option if you are craving some comfort food or want to get a little more adventurous in the kitchen. This flavorful product is already doused in seasoning, which means if you toss it into the crock pot, it can be a simple yet delicious home-cooked meal. Add some gravy or a few of your favorite side dishes, and you've got a restaurant-quality meal made easy.

Whole & Simple Chicken Quinoa Bowl or Fusia Potstickers for lazy nights

We all have long days, the ones that drag on and leave us craving an early night and something comforting to eat. Your first instinct might be to reach for your phone to order takeout, but we all know that can be expensive and unhealthy. Thankfully, Aldi carries a few delicious options that are simple and will satisfy your cravings.

Frozen meals have come a long way since the stereotypical TV dinner, and if you're searching for a simple, quick meal, try Aldi's Whole & Simple Chicken Quinoa Bowl, which comes in Southwestern- and Mediterranean-style versions. The red and white quinoa and brown rice are filling and will satisfy any cravings for comfort food. Southwest and Mediterranean flavors are definitely more exciting than your average taco bowl or frozen Salisbury steak. These are a great way to diversify your menu and incorporate some protein.

In addition, Fusia Potstickers with either chicken or pork can add some excitement to your meal without spending too much or cooking for hours. These potstickers are great steamed or seared for extra crunch, and they come with a premade sauce for ultimate ease. With 7 to 10 grams of protein, it is bound to leave you feeling full (via Aldi Reviewer).

Both of these meals are healthier options. According to How to Choose Frozen Dinners, it's best to choose frozen products that have higher amounts of protein and not too much saturated fat or sodium.

Different and delectable desserts

Craving something sweet? Aldi's dessert section is not an aisle you want to skip. If your sweet tooth is demanding attention, consider these desserts that go way beyond your average end-of-meal treat. Aldi is known for offering unique products that are not always so easy to come by and just might be your new favorite.

Next time you're hosting a movie night or planning a dinner party, grab a Bake Shop Cheesecake Sampler. This option is perfect for crowds, and your guests will love the choice of flavors. These are also great for the freezer because they're pre-sliced and can be thawed individually. Cheesecake is a classic favorite, but the various flavors bring a little excitement to your dessert.

Who doesn't love a donut? They're a great addition to your morning coffee, give you a sugar boost when the afternoon lull hits, or are great after a meal. Skip the chocolate and sprinkles and instead try something with a little more flavor. Bake Shop Sour Crème Donuts will satisfy your craving, but the blend of tart and sweet will take this treat to a whole other level.

Impress your friends or simply add a little variety to your pantry with these Butter Cookies Coated with Milk Chocolate from Aldi. The buttery, sweet cookies would be satisfying enough, but the addition of chocolate creates perfection. A special trick is to roast a marshmallow and replace graham crackers with these cookies for a simple but unforgettable s'more.

Meatballs without the red meat

Spaghetti and meatballs or meatball subs are simple go-to meals for family dinners or parties that will feed a lot of people on a budget, but that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice your health for convenience. If you're looking for an alternative to beef or attempting to cut out red meat, you might want to try these options from Aldi.

According to Healthline, upping your protein intake can help you lose weight and improve the health of your heart, and turkey is a great source of protein. On your next shopping trip, grab Kirkwood 93% Lean Fresh Ground Turkey and replace the red meat in your meatball recipes. A few other exciting options can be found in the fresh meat and seafood section. The Pork Italian Style Meatballs are good enough to be eaten on their own or over other types of pasta. Stick them on a small wooden stick and they'll make an awesome appetizer, or serve them with sauce and cheese over zucchini noodles for a low-carb version of spaghetti and meatballs.

If you're cutting back on your meat intake altogether or trying out a vegan lifestyle, Aldi offers great alternatives for meatballs. Earth Grown Meatless Meatballs, available in Classic and Zesty Italian flavors, are tasty and also high in protein.

Seasonal wines and beers without too many choices

The wine section at your local liquor store can feel intimidating and overwhelming, but the alcohol section at Aldi is concise and stocked with a variety of seasonal, affordable, high-quality beers and wines. Don't let the reasonable price tags throw you when it comes to Aldi's wine selection. The store is known for carrying some award-winning brands, bottles, and seasonal favorites.

If you're feeling festive, Aldi makes the holidays and changing seasons even more fun with wine and beer advent calendars. This is a great way to try a variety of brands and choose your favorites. Nothing says seasonal like the Holiday Magic Wine Advent Calendar, which makes a great gift or is the perfect treat for yourself during the holiday madness.

For something red, decadent, and perfect for the fall, try the Outlander Cabernet Sauvignon, which earned an 89 Point Silver Rating from the Beverage Testing Institute. If you love cherries and plums, you'll love this choice. In the warmer summer months, grab a bottle of Winking Owl Sangria or a case of Hopping Nomad Session IPA for something more casual. This IPA is ideal for barbecues and goes great with grilled proteins. It was even awarded the 2022 Annual Brewski Gold Award. With a little perusal of the beer and wine section, there's something suited perfectly for every occasion during the year without being too overwhelming.

LiveGfree products that make a gluten-free diet easy

If you've decided to cut back on gluten or have an allergy, you may have noticed the stuff is practically everywhere. From your beer to your bread, and even your shampoo, it can be challenging to avoid gluten completely (via Verywell Health). Thankfully, Aldi carries a brand called liveGFree that will satisfy some of your cravings.

LiveGfree Gluten Free Chicken is a dream come true. A popular choice on Chinese restaurant menus, General Tso's chicken is dipped and fried in a crunchy batter and then tossed in a sticky, thick sauce. LiveGfree's product makes it simple to enjoy this favorite without spending a few hours in the kitchen. The sauce is even included, so you don't have to worry about stray traces of gluten in thickening agents like flour. Make a side of rice or toss in some broccoli or green beans, and you can achieve a great-tasting alternative to the dish that is gluten-free.

Desserts are often difficult to make without the use of gluten. Doughs, crusts, and other pastries often rely on the sticky, thick quality that comes from gluten. Therefore, it can feel a bit like winning the lottery when you find a gluten-free dessert that hits all the marks. LiveGfree Gluten Free Soft Baked Cookies, especially the snickerdoodles and double chocolate brownies, are premade and satisfying. The texture of both is soft and airy, but not crumbly, which can be a challenge with other gluten-free products.

Milk and milk alternatives

These days the options for milk can seem endless. From nuts to soy, there are plenty of alternatives to choose. Aldi has narrowed down the options to the highest-quality brands and products without excluding any customer favorites. If you're on board for healthier options but want to stick to regular whole milk, Aldi offers Simply Nature Organic Whole Milk with DHA Omega-3. This product has all of the health benefits of regular milk and a little more. The Omega-3s are a bonus that will make your morning bowl of cereal a little more fulfilling. It's perfect for coffee too!

Alternative choices to dairy are becoming more and more popular, and whether you're looking to cut back on dairy for health purposes or personal preference, Aldi has plenty of options. Califia Farms Toasted Coconut Almondmilk Blend is a sweet addition without the added sugar. You can pour this into your coffee and replace half and half or even add it to your cereal. This could also be used in frostings, puddings, and other recipes for another layer of coconut flavor, and it's dairy free!

Almond milk and soy milk can have very distinct flavors that not everyone loves. If you're looking for another alternative to dairy that is similar to whole milk, try Friendly Farms Original Oatmilk. This vegan option has a milder taste and contains high amounts of fiber.

Ice cream to melt over

Ice cream is a traditional dessert that is often enjoyed all year long, but even our favorite flavors and recipes can use a little boost once in a while. Aldi offers a few ice cream treats that can really upgrade a classic, including a keto option, ice cream wrapped in dough, and dairy-free options. The My/Mochi Ice Cream transforms two traditional desserts and creates a perfect combination. Sweet mango, strawberry, or cookies and cream flavored ice cream is delicately wrapped in flavored rice dough to bring about this unique treat. Pick up any one of these flavors on your next trip to Aldi, and you'll discover a new favorite.

As if ice cream alone wasn't already a classic favorite treat, Sundae Shoppe Keto Ice Cream even fits into a keto diet. With a variety of flavors, there's a little something for everyone. Mint Chocolate Chip is refreshing and sweet and goes great with whip cream. For a richer, more decadent sweet tooth, Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter & Fudge are also available.

Shoppers who are aiming for a dairy-free diet and vegans aren't the only ones who will appreciate Earth Grown Non-Dairy Almond Based Pints from Aldi. These sweet flavors and the smooth creamy texture leave nothing to be desired. Mocha Fudge flavor is available, but there's also classic Chocolate and Vanilla for the purists.

Snack time just got better with these exciting dips

Dips are usually at the center of every game night, movie night, and family gathering, but these options at Aldi are so savory that you just might find yourself adding them to your weekly lunches or after-work snacks.

Taco night can be such a fun, filling weeknight meal, but go-to meals can start to feel boring and overdone. Aldi's simple dips, however, are packed with flavor and make chips and salsa or taco toppings a breeze. Add a bowl of Park Street Deli Dip, available in Mexicali and Street Corn flavors, to the table and enjoy it with tortilla chips or even add a layer to your flour tortilla for extra flavor. You can even stir this dip into your own homemade corn salad to add some zest. Give your taco night an even fresher flavor with Park Street Deli Pico De Gallo, which comes in Tomato and Mango varieties. Forget slicing and dicing for hours and simply spoon some fresh tomatoes or mango onto your tacos, and everyone will be impressed.

Get adventurers with Park Street Deli Tzatziki yogurt dips that come in a variety of flavors. Baby carrots, sliced peppers, cucumbers, and even tomatoes go great with these tangy dips and can be a healthier alternative to some dips and salty crackers or chips. You can even mix a spoonful into your salads or top a baked potato, chicken breast, or sandwich with these for extra flavor.

Aldi's Never Any! brand doesn't use antibiotics or hormones

Aldi carries a bounty of organic brands and advertises several items without preservatives or artificial flavors, but the marketing and ingredient labels can be confusing at times. Choosing healthier options can seem intimidating, but the Aldi brand Never Any! is straightforward. The brand offers meat and deli items that never use antibiotics or hormones, making them a simple and safe choice. Their signature green label will soon be one of your favorites if you try the Never Any! Spinach & Feta Chicken Sausage. This option makes pasta night extra simple. Forget the toppings or trying to incorporate vegetables; it's already done. Serve this sausage over pasta or even with scrambled eggs, and you'll cut your cook time in half.

If you're searching for a satisfying snack or lunch for you or your kids, you may find yourself reaching for the Lunchables. They are easy and enjoyable, but they can contain high levels of sodium (via EWG's Food Scores). Never Any! Lunch Kits, available in turkey and ham versions at Aldi, are a healthier alternative that is easy in the car or on busy days when you're short on time. With crackers, cheese, ham or turkey, and a small sweet treat, these are a satisfying and easy lunch that will make your life easier.

Aldi is brimming with new products to try in addition to all of these. Check out some of these favorites, and you just might discover a new regular spot for grocery shopping.