The American Cheese Sandwich That Made Gordon Ramsay Squirm

While taking a class on hotel management, Gordon Ramsay connected with some of the world's leading chefs, and he found his passion for food (via his website). He began working as the head chef of Aubergine in London, and the restaurant was awarded two Michelin stars in three years. Today, Ramsay owns a number of restaurants across the globe, and can often be seen hosting a variety of shows on television. He has also released several best-selling cookbooks, as well as an autobiography.

When he's not filming shows like "Hell's Kitchen" and "MasterChef," Ramsay often takes to TikTok to react to food-related videos posted by internet chefs. While he will sometimes react positively to videos and give praise to the creators — like one video in which he enjoys watching a grandmother decorate a cake — he's not so fond of some of the other inventive food creations he comes across. One TikTok video posted even had the celebrity chef turning away at the end of it.

Gordon Ramsay wasn't a fan of this video

The original video, posted by @thezachchoi on TikTok, showed the chef stacking numerous cheeses — including American cheese — and slices of meat into a tower. Choi then made a batter and poured it over the tower to coat it, and covered the entire thing in breadcrumbs. Once the sandwich was fried, Choi scraped the edge with a knife to show how crispy it was, then sliced it down the middle. As Choi pulled the sandwich apart, melted cheese stretched between the halves, and Choi showed himself eating the creation.

While some may have enjoyed the video, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay did not. Ramsay duetted the video on his TikTok account to share his reaction — but it wasn't positive. "That looks horrendous," Ramsay commented about the food. "Crispy on the outside, heart attack in the middle," he continued. He concluded the video by saying, "You have to be kidding me," followed by a shout as he averted his eyes from the person eating the sandwich.

Some fans agreed with Ramsay

Some fans of the chef agreed with Gordon Ramsay's reaction to the fried meat and cheese sandwich. One comment on the video called the food a "heart-a-stack." Another enjoyed his reaction video, saying "his horrified scream got me lol." Another commenter had apparently been looking forward to the video, writing "I was waiting for Gordon to react to this."

How did Zach Choi react to the reaction? While he didn't speak in his response, he duetted Ramsay's duet video on his own page, smiling and seemingly enjoying Ramsay's reactions, and then ending the video with a thumbs up. One viewer commented and said, "It would be cool if you and Gordon Ramsay had a collaboration." Choi was on board with the idea, replying with "I could teach him ultimate grilled cheese."

For those interested in seeing more of Ramsay's reactions to internet chefs cooking up unusual foods, his TikTok account is full of entertaining content.