The Step That Is Essential To Safely Transporting A Frosted Cake

For most bakers, frosted cakes involve some trial and error, making them a practice-makes-perfect type of proposition. From finding a favorite cake recipe for the foundation of your masterpiece to trying a plethora of frostings to get just the right taste and consistency, it can be a flavorful labor of love that improves over time. If you like to get fancy and decorate your cakes with icing or frosting, this obviously adds a little more time and energy to this edible art equation.

However, even if you are simply spending your hard-earned cash on a cake from a bakery, you still want to make sure it holds together during transport to keep it looking lovely. Yes, it will taste just as good if a layer shifts in transit, but it's not going to have the appetizing appeal you were hoping for. After all, who wants to be the guest arriving with a wrecked layer cake?

Never fear, though. There's a simple way to make sure a cake arrives at its destination as intended — as well as a couple of other steps you can employ for a little insurance.

Safely transporting frosted cakes

With a little prep work and planning, you can definitely make sure a cake arrives looking as great as it tastes. The first thing to keep in mind is that cake holds together much better when it is cold. Refrigerating a layer cake for several hours will help ensure that nothing shifts in transit, whether you're taking it to an office potluck or a get-together at a friend's home.

What else can you do to make sure a cake transports securely? Old school bakers and cake decorators always add a dollop of frosting to the cake board or base and then place the bottom layer over it. This will adhere the cake to the plate to help keep it from sliding around — not only while you're frosting it but during any necessary transit as well.

Another great way to keep your cake carrier or box from sliding while you're driving might be hiding in your pantry or the bottom of your produce drawer. That's right, a grip-it waffle shelf and drawer liner also works remarkably well by giving your cake container something to stick to while being transported from your home to its destination. Whether you put it on the floorboard, in the trunk, or in the back of an SUV, a little extra grip always helps. These products usually come in rolls, making cutting just the right size for your needs a snap, as well.