The Addition You Need For Tastier Mayo On Your Next BLT

When it comes to solid midday meals, you may be hard-pressed to find suitable alternatives to the classic American sandwich. You may be partial to a Reuben in all its corned beef glory, a true devotee to the traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or spend your free time learning how to craft the best-grilled cheese. But if you're often in the mood for a sandwich that not only has a salty, protein-rich component but also includes some fresh, colorful elements, the classic bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich may be your best bet.

Author of "The BLT Cookbook," Michele Jordan told Sandwich Magazine that the origins of the BLT are cloudy yet with somewhat certainty can be traced back to the Victorian era of the late 1800s, via Sir Kensington's. Jordan links the birth of the BLT in America to both the growing popularity of the classic club sandwich and the rise of finer dining options in the train-car meal variety of the late 19th century.

Pivoting to sandwich construction, Jordan insists to The Press Democrat that any BLT worth eating contains a considerable amount of mayonnaise. Whether you use a store-bought version of the versatile condiment or opt for homemade, you may want to level up the predicated sauce of this American favorite with one unique ingredient.

For an elevated flavor, add this grilled vegetable to your next BLT's mayonnaise

You may be surprised to find that scallions are the ingredient your next classic bacon, lettuce, and tomato needs if you're looking to add some zest to your traditional sandwich. According to Healthline, while scallions are technically green onions, only younger, the differences between scallions and leeks are more considerable. Healthline notes that green opinions, scallions, and spring onions can most often be used in place of one another in various recipes.

Great British Chefs insists the best BLT includes a thin layer of spring onion and hot sauce among the usual suspects. Yet Honest Cooking recommends adding grilled scallions to your mayonnaise before building the iconic favorite. Briefly grill your scallions, dice finely, and add to your mayonnaise which should, in turn, impart a special smokey onion flavor to any standard BLT. Cooking on the Weekends claims grilled scallions are a definite flavor enhancer that can add that special something to a variety of dishes. If onions are a tad too daring for your liking, there are other ways to dress up the traditional sauce accompaniment of your BLT.

Other saucy ways to level up your next BLT

There are a number of ways to change up any standard bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich: you could add other ingredients and craft a lobster BLT or try Bobby Flay's unique take on the traditional mainstay which includes shrimp and fried tomatoes, per Food Network.

Instead of regular old mayonnaise or dressed with grilled scallions, you could opt for something with a little more spice like The Washington Post's version of the classic BLT. The condiment used in their take on the iconic sandwich is taken up a notch by the addition of Sriracha mayo. If you're not a fan of too much spice, The Food Charlatan outlines several different sauce variations including garlic aioli and mayonnaise mixed with mustard. If you'd like to try something completely separate from mayonnaise, you may want to take your chances on King's Hawaiian recommendation of using ranch dressing. Whether you opt to add grilled scallions, garlic, or hot sauce, there are a number of ways to elevate the condiments of a traditional BLT.