Experts Say 'Global Flavors' Are A Big Force Behind Current Snack Trends

Snack trends come and go, and companies are always working to keep up with the latest trends. Now, experts are saying that customers are interested in seeking out more diverse flavors when it comes to the snacks they choose to buy. According to Food Business News, consumers are more likely to try flavors they are unfamiliar with and are actively seeking out new taste experiences in order to find new favorites.

Having a diverse palate is important for a few different reasons, according to Food VacBags. Trying food from other cultures can help you develop an understanding and appreciation for them. You may even find new, nutritious foods that you love and can incorporate into your everyday diet. Plus, trying new foods can be exciting, and allow you to experience a whole new flavor sensation. Evidently, many consumers agree with these sentiments, as more people are seeking out more variety in the snacks they purchase.

Consumers crave a change from the typical snacks

Cajun, Creole, Middle Eastern, and Japanese-inspired flavors have reportedly been prevailing in popularity, as per Food Business News. Experts say customers are interested in trying new sauces and seasonings to spice up their dishes at home, and more people are becoming aware of different cultural dishes. The experts note that consumers may also be drawn in by color as well as flavor — Japanese mochi, for example, is often presented in a brightly colored rice exterior, matching the color to the ice cream flavor inside, so it is just as aesthetically pleasing as it is delicious.

Mexican chili lime flavors have also become popular, Claire Conaghan of Datassential told Food Business News, with Doritos featuring the flavor in options like the Chile Limón Flavored Rolled Tortilla Chips and Flamin' Hot Limón Flavored Tortilla Chips. For those craving something a little sweeter, cinnamon sugar churro-flavored snacks have also appeared, like Cinnamon Toast Crunch Churros.

If this trend continues, it may be easier than ever to get a taste of global fare without having to venture further than your local supermarket.