A Candlelit Vigil For Taco Bell Is Leaving TikTok In Ruins

Asking why some people are obsessed with Taco Bell is a bit like asking why someone might enjoy the lilting tunes of a songbird or pondering why Saturday is the best day of the week. People know a good thing when they experience it, and Taco Bell's menu is chock-full of affordably priced items that range from standard fare like tacos and quesadillas to sweets and even breakfast. In addition to these beloved classics, the restaurant offers specialty items, such as nacho fries, Mexican pizza, and the Crunchwrap Supreme.

The chain is also beloved for its humorous and effective marketing campaigns, which Avada attributes to its strong brand identity. For instance, Taco Bell's social media marketing strategy focuses on down-to-earth engagement with users, which translates to fun and hilarious messaging that exemplifies the brand's playful side. Perhaps this has much to do with the restaurant's biggest fans occupying a younger demographic, which means they're quite amenable to marketing campaigns with a viral flair. Taco Bell devotees also have a real knack for viral marketing, as illustrated by a recent topic making the rounds on TikTok.

Uniting people in their love of fast Mexican-style cuisine

As reported by TIME, the fire that felled a Montgomery, Alabama Taco Bell and inspired a community occurred in 2018. Luckily, no one was hurt in the blaze blamed on malfunctioning electrical equipment, but the restaurant was a total loss. Upon hearing the news, organizer Katie James took to Facebook to create an event called "Candle light vigil for taco bell zelda road." While James admits that the event posting was originally intended as a joke, it quickly picked up steam among patrons who wanted to express their sympathies towards the fast-food chain that was so vital to their happiness.

While the event happened quite a few years ago, news reports on it are just now being recognized by TikTok's discerning content creators. Sharing video footage of the event, one user commented that the scene is more like "an snl [sic] skit." Which is a fair summation when you consider the attendees' reverent demeanors, complete with calls for "closure" and lamentations of "hurt feelings." However, one attendee at the vigil went a step beyond to take her place in the annals of internet shenanigans forever.

All hail the Baja Blast lady

When it comes to viral videos, there's usually no telling what will capture the hearts and minds of the internet. From "The CEO of Corn" (aka "Corn Kid," via YouTube) to the accidental viral sensation "Grape Lady Falls," the formula for a compelling viral video remains a mystery to most people. However, it's safe to say that a bona fide internet legend must be fully committed to their role as a digital trailblazer, whether extolling the many virtues of corn or stomping the life out of some grapes without regard for personal safety.

And while she may not have achieved the lofty heights of other internet legends (yet), the Taco Bell Vigil Baja Blast Lady (per YouTube) is on her way to stardom if there's any justice left in this world. Her impromptu ode to Baja Blast, a vibrantly hued soft drink originally produced exclusively for Taco Bell per the The U.S. Sun, illustrates the deep emotions people experience for the restaurant and its menu items. Her song features just one line, "Baja Blast," repeated twice before culminating into what only can be described as exaltation. Readying herself in a power stance for maximum capacity, she delivers the refrain, "BAJA BLAAAAAAAAASSSTTT!!!," to the delight of the crowd, who raise their candles in honor of the woman and the beverage she praises. While that particular Taco Bell location may be no more, Baja Blast lady lives on for all eternity thanks to the internet.