Walmart Launched A New Feature That Lets You 'Text To Shop'

According to Forbes, the global COVID-19 Pandemic drastically shifted the way that many folks shop for their groceries. What was once a mundane errand was transformed into a threatening experience with the uncertainty of the coronavirus. Many turned to online shopping platforms as a solution, which doubled the number of folks that were using them. It created a new market where grocery delivery and online ordering became the 'new normal.'

In the latest expansion to these services, Walmart is introducing a new round of innovation with its 'Text to Shop' service. This service allows Walmart customers to simply text Walmart what they need as they think about it, and it will be added to their shopping cart. Instead of taking the time to make a list, customers can simply text Walmart what they need, add it to their cart, and then schedule delivery or pickup at their convenience.

This service is also being introduced at a key time for the brand. More customers are becoming increasingly aware of prices when grocery shopping, and turning to mass market retailers like Walmart to manage their budgets, via Grocery Dive.

As easy as texting a friend

Walmart claims that the 'Text to Shop' service is designed for busy young professionals, homemakers, and everyone in between that wishes there were more hours in the day. This service will make stocking up on regular items like diapers, cereals, milk, and snack foods as easy as texting a close friend.

Because the service is linked to your Walmart account all you have to do is text 'cereal' to the service, and your preferred box of cereal will quickly be added to your cart. Making changes to your order, and scheduling delivery or pickup is just as easy. Walmart claims that this service was designed by its web development team in close partnership with its customers. It used customer feedback and preferences to fine-tune the service so it can be the saving grace during your busy day.

The service is a great pair with the brand's Walmart+ premium membership which offers free delivery but is also available to all Walmart customers. Text to Shop can be downloaded on all Android and Apple devices.