Walmart Launches New Membership Program, Walmart+, With Touch-Free Payment Options, Free Delivery

The coronavirus pandemic has affected the way a lot of people go about their normal day-to-day activities, including the way we grocery shop. Thus, many stores have had to adapt to the circumstances. The need for people to go to retail stores to get necessities has not changed, but the willingness to go has fluctuated. Walmart has come up with its solution: a new membership program.

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Walmart is introducing a membership program called Walmart+ that brings in-store and online benefits to save customers money and time. Members of this program will enjoy free delivery from stores, fuel discounts at Walmart, Murphy USA and Murphy Express gas stations, and the use of Scan & Go in the Walmart app. This app will allow for customers to scan their items as they shop and pay using Walmart Pay for a touch-free experience. 

Customers who previously used Delivery Unlimited, Walmart's subscription delivery service, will notice that the free fast-as same day delivery benefit is the same. They will automatically be enrolled in Walmart+.

Available on Sept. 15, it will cost $98 a year or $12.95 a month and includes a 15-day free trial period for people who might want to save money while shopping

While Walmart is introducing this service that offers a lot of amenities, it's a far cry from some of the craziest grocery store amenities across the country.