Fast-Food Chains Increased Their Prices By A Whopping 13 Percent In 2022

If you're in need of a quick meal, inexpensive fast-food usually hits the spot. According to WebMD, people often find themselves in the drive-thru when they want a cheap, easy solution to dinner. Plus, it can be great to indulge in some delicious-tasting food after a long day at work.

With inflation steadily increasing over the last couple of years, it feels like everything costs more than it used to. In fact, groceries cost roughly 12% more in October than they did at the same time last year; restaurant prices are up 8.6% during the same timeframe (via the USDA). Experts now predict inflation isn't going anywhere any time soon, with costs expected to keep increasing.

While groceries and dining out cost more, you may find yourself wondering if your go-to cheap combo meal has always been priced as it is now. As it turns out, you're not imagining it — it's pretty likely you're shelling out more for your favorite fast-food treats.

You pay for the price of convenience

Several fan-favorite fast-food restaurants have increased their prices for various menu items over the last year, according to Pricelisto. In particular, the average cost of food rose by a whopping 13% at McDonald's, Chick-Fil-A, Burger King, Taco Bell, and Wendy's. Indeed, your morning McDonald's run now hits your wallet a little harder, as the Egg McMuffin increased from $4.21 last year to $4.43 in 2022 (via Eat This, Not That). At Burger King, chicken fries were $3.97 in 2021, but jumped to $4.64 this calendar year.

Several different factors have impacted the cost of doing business, according to Consumer Affairs. In some areas, burger buns may cost more due to the blocking of grain exports as part of the conflict in Ukraine, while dairy and meat costs continue to rise worldwide. A Pricelisto spokesperson told Delish that inflation and shipping costs for ingredients have also had a hand in the decision to raise menu item prices. While fast-food may be quick and easy, be prepared to pay a little extra for the sake of that convenience these days.