Why It Pays To Get Costco Salmon In Bulk

When it comes to healthy eating, finding food that's simultaneously nutritious and delicious is always exciting. For many people, one of those delicacies is salmon, which is nutrient-rich and provides several essential vitamins (via BBC Good Food).

The omega-3 fatty acids found in this fish cannot be produced by the body on its own, but they are great for heart health and brain function. There's even some evidence that they improve memory and reduce the risk of heart disease through improved cholesterol levels. Plus, while fish is an overall great source of protein, it also protects bone integrity and promotes strong muscles.

Though salmon tastes great and is beneficial for our health, it can be a little expensive to buy week after week at the grocery store. And while purchasing it in bulk could cost a little more upfront at first, it actually winds up being more cost-effective if you find yourself regularly enjoying dinner made with this fish.

Buying in bulk can be cheaper in the long run

If you enjoy eating a lot of salmon, consider purchasing it in bulk. This is especially beneficial if you live near or have access to Costco, which The Kitchn says is the best place to grab a few packages. The national wholesaler sells salmon for around $12.99 per pound, and packages typically contain up to three pounds, which comes in at just under $40 total. Each piece is typically up to a foot long, half a foot wide, and an inch and a half tall, so you'll no doubt get several good-sized fillets that are perfect for cooking up dinner.

Depending on what kind of salmon you purchase and where you buy it, the cost can range from as low as $9 to as high as $30 per pound, according to How Much Is It. The Kitchn reports that Costco sells farm-raised Atlantic salmon, which could cost up to $35 per pound when purchased elsewhere, per Diffen. Plus, the site notes eating farm-raised salmon ensures optimal quality control, as farmers are able to be involved during the entire process.

Costco takes some of the prep work out of cooking

Another benefit of buying salmon from Costco is that some of the prep work is already done for you. In fact, The Kitchn reports that it's already pre-skinned and pre-boned, making it easy to prep and cook in no time. Indeed, if you want an easy weeknight dinner, grill a fillet and serve it alongside some rice and green beans for a balanced meal, or make a homemade poke bowl full of rice and veggies.

If you prefer to meal prep, separate the fillets into smaller portions. Lacademie suggests rinsing and drying the salmon before packing it into an air-tight container. It can then be placed in the freezer, where it will remain good for up to six months — although the site notes that the quality of the fish is best preserved within the first three months. When you're ready to cook a meal, allow the salmon enough time to fully defrost in order to get the best flavor.