12 Salmon Recipes Perfect For Fall

Wild-caught salmon is still in season this October so for this week's recipe SWAT (Sharing With A Theme) we asked The Daily Meal's dedicated team of food bloggers to share with us their favorite salmon recipes for perfect for fall.

As the weather turns chilly, meals become slightly heavier thus this week's winning recipes featured warm dishes with some of the best flavors of the season. 

Ancho Citrus Salmon

Lemon, spices, and orange juice concentrate are reduced to a sticky, flavorful glaze and brushed over salmon fillets that are then broiled until perfect in the oven. Check out the recipe here.

Crispy Caper Lemon Salmon

To add an extra something-something to a simple salmon recipe, Savory Experiments crisped up brined capers in a sauté pan and garnished her salmon creating an instant elegance. Check out the recipe here.

Curried Salmon

In this recipe, salmon is braised in a curry cream sauce and served over rice. Seduction Meals writes that you can play with the heat level and that serving this salmon with cilantro and lime is a must. For this recipe, click here.

Glazed Salmon

Baking in A Tornado whips up a glazed salmon featuring her own special sauce: she combines sweet chili sauce, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, minced garlic, minced ginger and green onion then brushes the mixture over the salmon to marinate in all those delicious flavors before it heads into the oven. For this recipe, click here.

Mini Salmon Cakes with Chili Garlic Dipping Sauce

Take A Bite Out Of Boca made these mini salmon cakes for a tapas party she was hosting. The best part about this recipe, however, is the small triumph that all cooks experience at some point, she writes, "These mini salmon cakes were responsible for another one of my proudest moments of the night, when I realized I'm totally and 100% capable of throwing a bunch of things in a bowl, mixing them together and creating something totally crave worthy."

For this recipe for Mini Salmon Cake tapas, click here.

Nordic Blackened Salmon topped with Danish Blue Cheese Crème Sauce

30AEats mixes Nordic and Creole culinary cultures pairing a blackened salmon with decadent Danish blue cheese cream sauce. She writes, "The fish remains moist and flavorful, and the blue cheese makes this dish sublime." For this recipe, click here.

Pumpkin Seed Crusted Salmon And Pipian Verde

Served with a luxuriously thick salsa verde, this salmon is brushed with egg whites then crusted in a layer of peptias. Seduction Meals reports that when you take a bite, "Your eyes will slowly close to fully experience the vibrant sensations: the soft crunch of the toasted pumpkin seeds, the silky texture of the salmon complimented by the fresh flavors of the pipian verde. Just divine!"

For this recipe, click here.

Roasted Glazed Honey Mustard Salmon With Thyme

Catz In The Kitchen writes, "while I love salmon that's been grilled, I can't beat the ease of the oven during the colder months, especially when it has lemon slices and fresh thyme that seem to brighten the flavor and the mood up a bit." Get her recipe here.

Salmon Potato Cakes with Dill Sauce

Pacific north westerner Make Our Daily Bread makes these cakes with freshly cooked and flaked salmon, mashed red potatoes, scallions, egg, onion, breadcrumbs, and spices, then pan fries them up and serves it all will a bright side of creamy dill mayonnaise sauce. Get the recipe here.

Salmon Salad With Pear, Bell Peppers & Walnuts

This recipe features a simply prepared salmon baked in the oven with only a little olive oil, lemon, and seasoning, but when paired with this light fall salad, simplicity becomes bliss. For this recipe from Snacking In Sneakers, click here.

Seared Salmon With Red Curry Vegetables

A Calculated Whisk quickly sears skin-on salmon and then slides her fish over a creamy red curried vegetable medley comprised of potatoes, sweet potatoes, squash, and bell peppers for a fast, filling, and satisfying meal. For this recipe, click here.

Weeknight Broiled Salmon With Lentils

You can cook a salmon fillet in mere minutes under your oven broiler, and in this recipe, hearty chewy lentils make an excellent partner to the meaty salmon. "Drizzle a little yogurt cumin dressing on top," writes Mid-Life Croissant, "and BAM dinner is served." Check out her recipe here.