Forget Kevin The Carrot Toys. Get A Cameo From Him Instead

Christmas is a holiday that's full of competing mascots, from the big man in red himself to Rudolph, Buddy the Elf, and the Coca-Cola polar bears. In the U.K., though, there's a relative newcomer who's vying for a top spot: Kevin the Carrot.

Metro explains that Kevin the Carrot is the somewhat unexpected hit of a holiday mascot for Aldi in the U.K. and Ireland. Kevin has appeared in the grocery store's holiday ads since 2016. He and his growing family are frequently shown in parodies of classic Christmas tales such as "Home Alone" and "A Christmas Carol." The adorable, family-friendly advertisements have become a staple of the holiday season for many.

And what would be more Christmas-appropriate than absurdly long lines for children's toys? The Guardian reports that there's been a huge demand for Kevin the Carrot toys in recent years. In November, 70,000 eager carrot lovers reportedly were queued online, while hundreds of others stood in lines overnight outside Aldi locations to score Kevin the Carrot toys, according to the outlet.

But there's another way to make Kevin the Carrot a part of your family's holiday — and it doesn't involve standing in the cold.

Get a personalized video message from the holiday mascot

Just because you couldn't get your hands on a Kevin the Carrot toy doesn't mean Aldi's advent calendars have to be the only way you celebrate the holiday. TeessideLive reports that the adored holiday mascot is joining Cameo, a service that allows regular people to request personalized video messages from a wide range of celebrities from athlete Dennis Rodman to actor Malcolm McDowell. Now, Cameo's list of celebrities will also include Kevin the Carrot. 

Kevin's fans will be able to follow his Cameo page and receive alerts for when orders are open. They can then order one of the limited, personalized video messages from Kevin for £10, or about $12. The holiday mascot will deliver Christmas greetings, birthday wishes, or just say hello to someone special.

Carrots are sweeter in the winter, and it seems that Kevin is no exception. Proceeds from Kevin's Cameo appearances will benefit Aldi's charity Neighbourly (per TeessideLive). All donations will also be matched by Aldi itself.